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Kraków 2012

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Finds of Bosporan Coins in the Territory
of the East-European Barbaricum

Finds of ancient coins in the territory of the East-European Barbaricum are
freąuent and varied in respect to both their typology and chronology. The most
numerous among them are undoubtedly finds of Roman coins, representative of
practically all the periods in the history of Roman coinage. Finds of Greek coins
are much less common, with coins of the Bosporan Kingdom constituting a sepa-
rate group of Greek coinage.
The history of scientific interests in the finds of Bosporan coins in the context
of the archaeology of the Barbaricum is not very long. The presence of a limited
number of such discoveries in the area of the dissemination of the Chernyakhov
Culture was recorded by V.V. Kropotkin1 and M. lu. Braichevs’kii.2 The informa-
tion on some individual finds of Bosporan coins in the territory of Belarus was
published by R Kharlampovich,3 V. N. Riabtsevich,4 L.D. Pobol’.5 All these schol-
ars, however, did not offer much information conceming the time and the routes
of inffow of such coinage into the Barbaricum. It was due primarily to a relatively
smali number of those particular finds. It should be said that the discoveries of the
Bosporan coinage of the lst millennium AD have been practically left out of the

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