Studia Palmyreńskie — 12.2013

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Studia Palmyreńskie XII

Fifty Years of Polish Research in Palmyra


International conference
Warsaw, 6-8 Decem ber 2010


Friends of the Institute of Archaeology UW Foundation; Institute of Archaeology and Polish
Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw; Kazimierz Michałowski Founda-

Organizing Committee:

Marcin Wagner, Tomasz Waliszewski, Krzysztof Jakubiak

Conference and publication subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
of the Republic of Poland (No. 514/DWB/P/2010).


6 December 2010, Monday

Michel al-Maqdissi, Dernieres recherches sur 1'age du Bronze en Syrie
Jacąues Seigne, Les periboles du sanctuaire de Bel a Palmyre

Andreas Schmidt-Colinet, Khaled al-As'ad, Waleed al-As'ad, Tlrirty years of Syro-German/Austrian
archaeological research at Palmyra

Christiane Delplace, Les recherches de la Mission archeologiąue franęaise a Palmyre
Jorgen Christian Meyer, City and hinterland. Villages and estates north of Palmyra. New perspectives
Maria Teresa Grassi, Waleed al-As'ad, Pal.M.A.I.S. Recherches et fouilles d'une nouuelle Mission
conjointe syro-italienne dans le quartier Sud-Ouest de Palmyre
Kiyohide Saito, Female burial practices in Palmyra: some obseruations from the underground tombs
Waleed al-As'ad, Some tombs recently excavated in Palmyra

Cynthia Finlayson, New perspectiues on the ritual and cultic importance of the women of Palmyra and
Dura Europos, Syria (dedicated to Michał Gawlikowski and the work ofAnna Sadurska)
Manar Hammad, Morphologie des enoirons de Palmyre : relief enceintes, pistes
Grzegorz Majcherek, Excavating the basilicas: Results of recent fieldwork in Palmyra
Michał Gawlikowski, In search ofthe site ofthe Tarijf

7 December 2010, Tuesday

Michaela Konrad, Graberarchaologie und ihre Evidenz fur die Bevól ke r u ngsges cli i eh te der Steppengebiete
in den Spatrómischen Prouinzen Syria und Arabia
Agnes Henning, The tower tombs of Palmyra. Local architecture and cultural identity
Dagmara Wielgosz, Marble decoration from "Diocletians Baths" in Palmyra
Denis Genequand, De Romę a 1'lslam : recherches recentes sur le dit Caesareum de Palmyre
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