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Andreas Schmtot-Colinet, Khaled al~As'ad, Waleed al-As'ad

At the time the Polish archaeological mission had already been working in Palmyra for 20 years
and we appreciated greatly the interest and friendly welcome of our Polish colleagues. We take
this opportunity to express our deepest thanks to the members of the Polish mission and especially
to its former director, our colleague and friend, Michał Gawlikowski, on the occasion of the double
anniversary: his 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of Polish investigations in Palmyra. On
this occasion, it is a special pleasure and honor to give a summary of our modest contribution to
the archaeological research in Palmyra during the past 30 years. Research is always based on earlier
investigations and studies, whether of missions, institutions or individuals, which it is not the place
here to mention in fuli. Our aim is to give a fuli bibliography of all publications concerning our
mission or referring to the results of our investigations (see box below for references to separate
research topics and the appended bibliography).

The work of the mission was focused on four features, areas or find categories:

1) tomb 36 and other so-called temple-tombs

2) ąuarries to the northeast of the town

3) textiles

4) area of the "Hellenistic" town.

Tomb 36 and other temple-tombs

From 1981 to 1992 research concentrated on the so-called temple-tombs. For the first time, a Pal-
myrene grave structure of this type (No. 36) was excavated, studied and published in detail.

Syro-German/Austrian Archaeological Project in Palmyra

Project summaries and interim reports

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2005a; Schmidt-Colinet, al-As'ad, Kh. 2005a, with fuli bibliography up to 2000


Preliminary reports and summaries

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1989-1990; 1990a: 1990b; 1992a; 1996c; 2006
Specialist studies

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Finał publication

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Preliminary reports

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Specialist studies

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