Studio: international art — 2.1894

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Academy, Royal. School Awards. Five Illustrations..........136

American Critic on English Art . . . . . . . . . . • • • -45

Architectural Notes. Horace Townsend.............28

Art Notes. Kilmarnock Exhibition, D.M., 182. U.S.A., 181. One Illustration

,, Scotch.................181

„ School News................36, 74

Arts and Crafts Exhibition, 1893. Fifty-six Illustrations. Introduction, 3. Architecture and Furniture,
Horace Townsend, 14. Embroideries, Textiles, and Wall-Papers, Aymer Vallance, 18
„ Second Notice. Eight Illustrations.............56

Birmingham Municipal Art Schools. I. Twenty-two Illustrations, 90. II. Ten Illustrations, 171

Book, The Printed, and its Decoration.............140

Bookbinding, The Art of. Interview with T. J. Cobden-Sanderson. Three Illustrations .... S3
,, and Printing at the Arts and Crafts. Three Illustrations . . . . . -57

Book-Covers, English Embroidered. Cyril Davenport. Seven Illustrations......208

Books Reviewed—

Acland, H., and J. Ruskin, The Oxford Museum, 222. Anderson, H. C, Liltle Mermaid and other
Stories (One Illustration), 74. Andersen, Stories from, no. Arts and Crafts Essays, 30. Arts,
some Minor, as practised in England, 142. Barber, E. A., Fottety and Porcelain of the United
States, 220. Batten, J. D., Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights, 108. Baylis, T. II., Temple
Church (One Illustration), 74. Birrelle, A., Book-hunter in Paris (Two Illustrations), 142. Boot-
Plate Annual, 1894,221. Burnet, John, Essays on Art, 220. Egerton Castle, English Book-
plates, 2nd Edition (Five Illustrations), 141. Christmas Carols (One Illustration), 110. Dial,
The (One Illustration), 114. Emerson, P. H., On English Lagoons, 109. Farrar, F.\V.,D.D.,
Old English Minsters, 221. Fielding, H., Works of, 32. Gilchrist, M., Frangipanni, 144.
Harper, C. G., From Paddington to Penzance (Two Illustrations), 106. Harrison and MacColl,
Greek Vase Paintings, 220. Hatton, R. G., Elementary Design, 107. Heaton, A., A Record oj
Work, 31. Hood, T., Humorous Poems of (Two Illustrations), 145. Irving, W., Kip Van
Winkle (One Illustration), 144. Japan Society, Transactions of (Four Illustrations), 186.
Knight, E., Taste and Economy in Furnishing (One Illustration), 32. Layard, G. S., 'Tennyson
and His pre-Raphaelite Illustrators, 221. Living English Poets, 145. Mallory, Sir Thos., Morte
D'Arthur, 183. Mayer, F. S., Handbookof Ornament, 30. Michel, E., Rembrandt (.Two Illus-
trations), 2-vols., 107.- Muckley, W-. J., On the Character, Nature, and Use of Colours, 143.
Paterson, J as., Nithsdale (Two Illustrations), 109. Pennell, E. R., In Gipsy Land, 143.
Pentreath, D., In a Cornish Township, 145. Pollard, A. W., Early Illustrated Books, 140.
Portfolio (New Series), 146. Prentice, A. D., Renaissance Architecture, and Ornaments in Spain,
108. Radford, D., Songs for Somebody, 110. Roberts, W., Printers' Marks, 141. Rossetti,
Christina, Goblin Market (Two Illustrations), 145. Ryan, C, Egyptian Art, 107. Salt, H. S.,
Richard Jeffries, A Study, 187. Symonds, J. Addington, Michael Angelo Buonarroti (2 vols.),
108. Wauters, A. J., Hans Memling, 220. Wilde, O., Salome (Illustrated by A. Beardsley), 183.
Wornum, R. N., Analysis of Ornament, 75. Year's Art, 1894, 146

Cats, Pictures and Studies of. Arthur Tomson. (Francis Bate.) Five Illustrations .... 65
Competitions, Awards in :—Carpet, 230. Catalogue Cover, Three Illustrations, 189. Cushion, Embroidered
or Painted, Thirteen Illustrations, 148. Head in Pen and Ink, Four Illustrations, 147. Lamp, 34.
Pianoforte (Cottage) Case, Seven Illustrations, 225. Posters, Fourteen Illustrations, 112. Repousse Tray,
Four Illustrations, 230. River Scene at Sunset on Allongl Paper, Three Illustrations, 228. Sermon
Case, Three Illustrations, 191. Stained Glass, Five Illustrations, 188. Tapestry, Two Illustrations, m

Current Items.................. 34

Decorations, Christmas. Aymer Vallance............ 105

Devils of Notre Dame. Joseph Pennell. (Arthur Tomson.) Two Illustrations..... 180

Drawings for Reproduction by Process. Impressionism in Black and White. C. G. Harper. Six Illus-
trations ................ I7S

,, Lithographic Chalk on Michallet's and Lalanne Papers. Four Illustrations .... 132

,, ,, „ on various papers. Six Illustrations 1..... 99

English Art at the World's Fair, An American Critic on......... 45

,, and Fernard Khnopff. (W. Shaw Sparrow.) Ten Illustrations...... 203
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