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Scotch Art Notes

to select any for especial mention. Though the forthcoming exhibition of the Royal Scottish
devils vary enough in form and the artist's manner Academy, it is stated that the Academy, desiring
of expressing them, there is not one separate to raise the standard of work in the annual exhibi-
rendering that a man could not with advantage to tion, will reduce considerably the number of works
himself live with. Of the drawing of Le Stryge to be hung, and that not more than four works can
mention has been already made ; whoso looks at be received from any artist not a member of the
it will see a sedate and loathly form contemplating Academy. Also that the Academy hope all works
from a great height a vast city. And how well accepted shall be hung in such a position that
this is all given—the height, the feeling of space, their merits may be fairly judged of, so intending
the intricate drawing of the houses, and all the life contributors will see the propriety of exercising
that pervades the streets ! In the other pictures great care in selecting the works they send in
there is ever a different kind of
presiding fiend, always terrible,
varying only in its demeanour or
bestiality of expression. There is
the city, too, beyond, while in all
his various views of Paris, Mr.
Pennell suggests something ever
in harmony with the weird thing
in the foreground, whether he
gives us houses or the river
stretching far into the picture, his
distance broken by the Eiffel
Tower, or the more commanding
forms of the fortresses.

In all these there is the tech-
nique of an artist. Mr. Pennell's
command over his pen is never
more admirably evident than
when he expresses architectural
details — little matters that, if
done by less accomplished hands
than his, would be wearisome
enough, but which he can make
a delight to the appreciative,
whether seen from afar or near.
M. Meryon understood keenly
the sentiment of his own city of
old, but none the less is the
secret of Paris laid open to Mr.
Pennell. M. Meryon was an
admirable draughtsman, but not
half so alert, so full of resource,
so convincing in his manner of

expression as this living artist. IHE SAME SUBJECT As THAT m THE Qppo
And, after all, is not this the site page, as drawn for reproduction
highest praise that one can give IN the weekly „paix mall budget "
to Mr. Pennell ?

Arthur To.mson.

All this is just the old, old story, and would almost
seem to be a hoodwink to the " outsider " for it
SCOTCH ART NOTES. has been promised in previous years, and yet the

^ , . . ., v , n: general standard seems to continue as' mediocre as

The thirty-second annual exhibition of the Glas- ever. Let the Academy reduce the contributions
gow Institute of the Fine Arts has been opened of its own members, show more liberality in hang-
this month. The collection of works brought mg to the younger artists both in the east and
together contains many prominent pictures from west of Scotland, and there is little fear but that
English, French, and Belgian painters, 'lhe local the good promises held out in the circular would
exhibits are also of much prominence, showing con- be taken in earnest. It may be purelv an artist's
siderable art vitality and strength in portrait, figure, question, but one cannot help thinking the public
and landscape work. The exhibition is notable also would appreciate the endeavour of the Academv
for one or two new departures, such as hanging to bring out new talent in the younger painters
the water-colour exhibits among the oils, and a and not seem as if the exhibition were a show and
room entirely devoted to architectura drawings. sale room conserved for their own productions
In the circular to intending exhibitors to the By the death last month of Clark Stanton. R.S. A

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