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The Royal Academy School Awards

THE ROYAL ACADEMY. PRE- architectural drawings — Newgate Prison, silver

SIDENTIAL ADDRESS TO THE medal> first> George J. J. Lacey. The Landseer

STUDENTS scholarships—in painting, Leonard Watts and Sieg-
fried Makepeace Wiens ; in sculpture, Everard

On Saturday, December 9, Sir Frederic Stourton and David M'Gill.

Leighton, P.R.A., distributed the prizes awarded to After the distribution of the prizes the President

the students of the Royal Academy Schools, delivered a long and admirably digested lecture on

A large number of the Academicians and Asso- German Art. Dividing his subject into Archi-

ciates and a great many visitors filled the room, tecture, Sculpture, Painting, and the Minor Arts,

The following is taken from an official report he traced the historic growth of each, paying most

of the prizes and prize winners :—Historical paint- attention to the "German Romanesque" (as he,

ings—Joseph Interpreting Pharaoh's Dream, gold like the Germans themselves, prefer to style the

medal and travelling studentship, .£"200, Harold period Fergusson calls " Early Gothic") and the

Edward Speed. Landscape painting—Moonrise later German-Gothic. He noted especially the

before Sunset, Turner gold medal and scholarship, reticent and grave sobriety of the earlier style, and

^50, Harold Waite. Landscape painting—'■'■Hedge- the erratic self-indulgence of the later period when

now Elms on Hillocks Green' (JJAllegro), Creswick "the undeniable gain in variety and individuality

prize, ^30, Harold Waite. Painting of a figure was outweighed by the growth of mere handicrafts-

from the life—silver medal, first, Will. Hounsom man's dexterity, and by the prevalence of the

Byles; silver medal, second, Isaac Snowman, uncouth spirit of the bourgeois with his absorbing

Painting of a head from the life—silver medal, delight in a puzzle." He also deplored the lack in

first, Evelyn C. E. Pyke-Nott; silver medal, second, German architects of subtle delight in varied

Isabel Campbell Anderson. Painting of a draped rhythms, which is felt not only in the monotony of
figure (open to female students

only)—silver medal, first, Eve-
lyn C. E. Pyke-Nott; silver
medal, second, Beatrice Emma
Parsons. Cartoon of a draped
figure—A Roman Orator De-
claiming, silver medal and prize,
^25, Katherine Mary Willis.
Design in monochrome for a
figure picture—The Death of
the First-born (Exodus xii. 29,
30), Armitage prize, first,
^30, and bronze medal, not
awarded; Armitage prize and
bronze medal, second, ^10,
Will. Hounsom Byles. De-
sign for the decoration of a
portion of a public building
— Abundance, prize, ^40,
Bryam Shaw. Composition
in sculpture—Iphigenia, gold
medal and travelling student-
ship, ^200, David M'Gill.
Set of three models of a
figure from the life—first prize,
^50, and silver medal, Fred-
erick Thomas; second prize,
£20, Sydney Herbert Physick.
Model of a design — The
Deatli of the First-born (Exo-
dus xii. 29, 30), first prize,
^£30, Henry Poole; second
prize, ;£io, Frank Jenkins.
Design for a medal—Saving
of Life from Drowning, silver
medal, not awarded. Model
of a statue or group—silver
medal, Frank Jenkins. Design
in architecture—A Provincial
Town Hall, gold medal and
travelling studentship, ^200, " Joseph interpreting pharaoh's dream." by harold edward
James S. Stewart. Set of (r.a. gold medal and travelling studentship)

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