Studio: international art — 2.1894

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Awards in " The Studio" Competitions


WAonc ttsj ii-rui- cTiinrn " Stoke-on-Trent): an accomplished design, but too

WAKDS UN lilt biUUIU compiex. Flake White {Miss M. M. Reid, 58

PRIZE COMPETITIONS. DenningtonPark,West Hampstead,N.W.): pleasing,

_ „ „ „ but not very new. Flibberty Gibbet (F. P. Bris-

The Stained Glass Competition tQW> , ?Q Iy(frson Road> West Hampstead). a well.

' ' ' drawn series of heads, with borders unpleasing in

The judges in this competition were at first in- colour. Foot Rule (Miss E. C. Hay, 6 Delamere

clined to place Garsh very high on the list, but on Terrace, Paddington): with much good detail and


stained glass design. first prize

reconsideration certain practical reasons put it good colour, but too complex. Garsh (A. A Orr,

out of court. The awards are therefore : 18 Bulwer Street, Shepherd's Bush, W.) : already

First Prize, Three guineas (Alpin, Bernard mentioned. Halo (C. T. Prescott, 71 Upper Stan-
Sleigh, Reinalt, Pershore Road, Edgbaston). hope Street, Liverpool) : commendable. Jaques

Second Prize, One and a half guineas (Fatara, (Richard Warrington, 121 Copperas Hill, Liverpool):

Charles Randal, 14 Great Western Road, W.). a good "Renaissance" design. Jumelle (Miss F.

Honourable mention is awarded by The Studio M. G. Dimma, 59 The Common, Upper Clapton):

to each of the following:— naive and quite practical. Maeldune (E. O.

Alpha (G. H. Wood, 10 Priestman Terrace, Lansdown, 14 Glen View, Clover Hill, Halifax):

Bradford): the beautiful transition of colour in a beautiful design, which would have been repro-

this design, and its jewelled glow, are both lost duced had not wash been used, the convention

in the outline reproduced. Artisan (W. Parker, of the landscape and sea is most happy. Mouse

14 Bassingham Road, Earlsfield, S.W.): a good (Miss Maude Berry, Fairseat, Wrotham, Kent):

composition with fine colour, but not quite equal a very admirable design, ineffective in its black

drawing. A.R.T.S. (R. Tennent, 61 Bolton Road, and white, but worthy of a very high place[for colour

stained glass design, second prize

Ramsbottom). Bona fide (W. Stanley Mors, How-
beck Road, Oxton, Birkenhead): too crowded,
but worth commendation. Cephas (Peter C.
Browne, 18 Kelvindrive, Glasgow): a very admirable
composition. Corporal Bots (J. Levy, 185 Brown-
low Hill, Liverpool). Enid (Miss Gertrude Roots,
The White House, St. Peter's, Canterbury):
practical, and good colour, but not strong enough
in the drawing. Eversley (R. J. S. Bertram, 7
Brandling Place West, Newcastle-on-Tyne): com-
mended. Fiat Lux (Frederick Rhead, 6 Bath Street,

and grace of line. Merriott Wood (P. V. Woodroffe,
Alton Castle, Staffs.): a very pleasant group of
gnomes, fresh and quite workable. Philadelphia
(Miss Erskine, Martin Manor, Horncastle): full of
promise, yet not quite powerful. Spes (L. C.
Radcliffe, National Art Training School, S.K.): an
emblematical design exhibiting boldness, origin-
ality and proportion, well adapted for the given
space. 7'ouchstofie (Violet H. E. Teague, 14
Avenue Brugman, Brussels): a poetical idea, well
worked out and pleasant in colour, but not equal
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