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Awards in the Prise Competitions

AWARDS IN THE PRIZE COM- res,t, aref d°ne
m-TTTTniMQ without the

PETITIONS. slightest know-

A Head in Pen and Ink (B i). ledge of line

The large number of designs sent in for this work or under-

competition bore witness to its popularity, but the standing ot trie

quality was not up to the average. With a view to medium. Darku

give competitors the judgment of an accomplished nab a sense

artist and acknowledged expert, Mr. Joseph Pennell J^jJ™

no appreciation
of line. Fledg-
ling has striven
for modelling in
one drawing, and
is careful and
thoughtful in
another. Ivory,
to who m I
should award
the second
place, is big,

bold, and seriously vigorous, but the dress is not
well expressed. Zero has such good delicate work
in the face, that the hair, dress, and background
look all the worse in consequence; Abacus is not
bad. There is something in Retlaw, despite the
poor dress—in fact, save in that by S. Tel—the
drapery and costumes are all bad.

" Many have some character, more are studied
from photos or work in wash or colour—only a
few, I am glad to say, imitate woodcuts and people
and methods they do not understand. But be-
yond 61. Tel and Ivory, there is little to note.

" One wishes to be just, and neither unduly dis-
, , ... i i■ j 4-u „„,„,^c courage or encourage people like those who have

asked to criticise , and adjudge the awards. rendered the effect of paint well, or those others
The following is his report: h 5 ht do something if once th understood

"I have looked over the drawings you have fc fa _ 3

sent me. They are not, I fear, exactly calcu-
lated to gain for their authors fame or renown
as illustrators, or even win for them the satis-
faction of having their work printed.

"The only
drawing which
has any real feel-
ing for line is
that by S. Tel—
A Trench Girl—
which shows care
in handling, cha-
racter, and dis-
tinction. It is
not, however,
very original in
execution, and

the hair is care- ~\ ik

lessly done and

could not be re- sec0nd pr1ze- "ivory"

produced with- that the object of a pen-drawing is not to look
out much careful as much like a bad wood-engraving as possible,
hand work. " Still these competitions are interesting, and

" Still, this is show what is being done, and I do not see why
far the best of they should not prove useful.—Yours,
the lot. " Joseph Pennell."

"Nearlyall the First Prize, One guinea (S. Tel, Miss Estelle


first prize.


1 fledgling
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