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Awards in the Prize Competitions

I). Avigdor, 35 Lancaster Gate, W.) Second mass, without wash, some were in wash and others
Prize, Half a guinea (Ivory, Arthur Gilfillan, in pencil. The colour schemes were especially
84 Roslea Drive, Dennistoun, Glasgow). Honour- good, some really fine in their harmony, and the
able mention: Abacus, R. W. Sampson, 3 The average at least inoffensive and pleasant. The
Myrtle, Sidmouth ; Darkie, C. Richardson, High first prize seemed so good as a design, that to mark
Street, Petersfield; Fledgling, Miss Jean Mitchell, its excellence we have had it reproduced by a more
21 Crescent Road, Sharrow, Sheffield ; May, Miss costly process so as to convey, as far as possible in
M. E. Furniss, West Hill, Epsom; Retlaw, Walter black and white, the effect of its colour.
Broomhead, 35 Banstead Terrace, Leeds; Zero, First Prize, One guinea {Toby, Mrs. Kather-
G. F. Hopkins, 10 Holywell, Oxford; this would ine Ward, 5 Dordrecht Mansions, Haarlem Road,
have been reproduced had not the work been too S.W.): Flowers and snails in white, leaves green,
delicate for reduction. background blue, outlines golden orange.

Second Prize, Half a guinea (Taurus, Walter
PRIZE COMPETITION FOR STAINED M. Bull, 28 Ismailia Road, Forest Gate, E.): The
GLASS.—(A. VII.) colouring of this is simple, and yet not easy to put

in words. On a dark blue ground, the foliage is in
The awards in this competition are unavoidably shades of green, the flowers red in the centre, and
delayed, owing to the illness of one of the judges, yellow at either side of each group.
We hope to announce the results next month. The following are awarded honourable mention:

- Abracadabra (Harry A. Churchill, St. Paul's

The Second Prize in the Tapestry Competition, Square, Burton-on-Trent): a good design in
Madder Brown, has been awarded to Miss Ger- itself, but too monotonous for the worker, and not

specially suitable for a cushion. Bat (Mrs. C.
F. Dawson, Leonard's Place, Bingley, Yorks) :
good as a design, but requiring more work than
the effect would repay. Berthiah (Miss B. N.
Graham, 35 Prince's Gate, S.W.): well adapted
for the needle, and with varied interest in work-
ing, but rather too mechanical in its presen-
tation. Boss (Miss H. M. Fernie, Wychwood,
West Street, Scarborough): this fine colour scheme
of oranges and browns is peculiarly well adapted
for the material, and excellent in every way.
Chalks (Miss F. Philips, 11 North Avenue, Clar-
endon Park, Leicester) : could the clever effect of
the work be preserved with the needle this would
be excellent. Cantab (Miss Edith L. Ferrabee,
7 Panton Street, Cambridge) : pleasing in the
colour of the conventional flowers and foliage.
Enid (Miss Gertrude Roots, The White House,
St. Peter's, Canterbury) : a good arrangement of
animal forms and conventional foliage in colours
on a green background. Eric (Isabel Brittain, 11
Highfield, Scarborough): the colour in this group
for applique and crewels is unusual and good; but
the reproduction fails to convey the conspicuous
originality of the coloured design. Fa?icy (Miss
Amy Siers, Greenhill Road, Moseley, Birmingham):
one of several treatments of honeysuckle sent in,
which is peculiarly graceful in colour and line, but
trude Roots, The White House, St. Peter's, Can- the tracing is too weak to reduce satisfactorily,
terbury; the non-arrival of the address which tern- Goodluck (Miss Oldfield, 3 Ladbrooke Square,
porarily disqualified it being fully explained. W-|: singularly well drawn. Huguenot (C H.

11 0 B. Quennell, 44 Lower Kenmngton Lane, S.E.) :

for silk embroidery on blue cloth, the foliage in
AWARDS IN THE COMPETITION FOR various shades of green, excepting those portions

A CUSHION DESIGN._(C. 1.) in the heart-shaped panels, which are reddish

brown. Honeysuckle (Miss Ethel M. Child,
The large number of designs sent in for this, the Greenhill Road, Moseley, Birmingham): another
first competition for amateurs' work, shows a very pleasant treatment of the flower taken for the
high level of excellence. As in other cases, the pseudonym. Kohanas San (Miss M. E. Scott,
selection illustrated has not been governed by Elmstead Grange, Chislehurst, Kent): despite its
merit alone. Many drawings of really excellent unsuitability for a cushion, there is a naive charm
idea were unadapted for reproduction. Despite about it that deserves commendation. Nunquam
the rule requiring ink to be used in solid line or retrorsum (Emil Hatschek, 13 Spring Road,

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