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The Printed Book and its Decoration



books that Royalty might read when it was not it on the borders of
wearing its crown, that is worth appreciation. Philadelphia, and
Nowhere is a lavish display of gold less tawdry after journeying
than in the cover of a book, provided it be deftly across the map to

Hungary in search
of the gipsy in his
native habitat, she
finds that " the
ideal was more
nearly realised at
home after all."
Mr. Pennell's de-
lightful sketches
and studies add
to the interest of
the book, which is
well printed by the
De Vinne Press,
New York. The
blocks are natu-
rally excellent
types for study by
those interested in
" process " work.

On the Charac-
ter, Nature, and &. '---

Use of Colours. a book-plate designed by
By W. J. Muck- sidnev heath

ley. (London :

Bailliere, Tindall & Cox. 4*.).—The fourth edition
of this excellent handbook, issued twelve years
book of l. alma tadema, r.a. after the first, has been revised to date, and an

designed by elmsley inglis. (" english
book-plates." bell)

applied, and the examples so cunningly
imaged here should tend to inspire the modern
binder to still more ambitious projects. To the
rest of this beautiful book we hope to return later.

In addition to the book-plates from Mr. Castle's
book, we are able to publish for the first time fac-
similes of two new designs by Mr. R. Anning Bell;
one for the popular professor of the Slade School,
the same size as the original drawing, the other for
Mr. Arthur Nowell, in a reduced size. Also a
new book-plate for Mr. Clement Shorter, the
popular editor of The Illustrated Lo?idon News
and The Sketch, designed by one of the most
brilliant character draughtsmen, Phil May. Two
others, by Messrs. Sidney Heath and Oliver
Brackett, also appear here in continuation of the
series of modern plates we have already inserted,
and shall continue to publish occasionally.


In Gipsy-Land. By E. R. Pennell, illustrated
by Joseph Pennell. (London: F'sher Unwin.)—
This is by no means the first pilgrimage one
has taken in fancy with the artist and his wife,

who are responsible for some of the most plea- book-plate of clement
sant and unconventional books of travel that late k. shorter.

years have seen. Gipsy-land, like Bohemia, is a designed by phil may
widespread domain. Mrs. Pennell first strayed into

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