Studio: international art — 2.1894

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hammer, you will design the eyes and nostrils, the
hair, and fingers of the hands, the articulations of
the feet, and all the drawings of the garments upon
the upper side, so that they may show inside, where
also you strike with the same irons that the designs

heophilus Ruge- may be raised outside. When you have done this

rus, a very prac- until the figure be altogether formed, you sculp

tical monk of the with the sculping and scraping instruments about

twelfth century, the eyes and nostrils, the mouth, and chin and

who left a book ears, and you will design the hair and all the fine

of valuable re- drawing of the draperies and the nails of the hands

ceipts behind and feet.....In the same manner, should you

him, has thus possess facility of invention, you can make figures
written of re- in gold and silver upon the books of the Evange-
pousse work in lists, and missals, and animals and small birds, and
metal:— flowers, outside upon the horse saddles of matrons,
" Beat a copper upon gold or silver cups or platters in the middle,
plate as long and as wide as Knights are made in the same manner, fighting
you wish, so thick that it can against lions or griffins ; the figure of Samson or
|| scarcely be bent, and let it be David, breaking the mouths of the lions, the same
sound, free from all crack and also each strangling single (figures of) cattle : or any
blemish and portray the figure other thing which it may please you, and which
upon it which you may wish. may be proper and fit according to the size of the
Then beat a cavity in the place work."
of the head with a moderate round hammer on All of which, besides its extreme interest in
the under side, and around it, on the upper showing us the processes of a bygone age, is as
side with the slender hammer, and so you cook useful and sound to-day as when penned in the
it in the embers. This being cooled by itself, lonely cell of this craftsman-monk, this art-worker
you will do throughout the whole figure with and art-lover, towards whom, as one reads his book,
the curved and smooth irons, always depressing the heart goes out, even as to an earnest brother
it on each side and frequently re-heating it. worker to-day. If
And when you shall have relieved the figure as we could explore the
high as you wish, take irons, long to the measure centuries far back,
of a palm, thicker at one end, upon which it even to the time of
may be beaten with the hammer, and at the other, Tubal Cain, the first
more fine, round and pointed, which you had metal - worker, we
prepared for this work, and the boy initiated should probably find
in this art sitting before you. Hold the plate that he worked in
in the left hand, and the irons in the right, the very much the same
boy striking upon them with a moderate-sized manner as that de-
ll. No. 12. —March, 1894. I95
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