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Art School News

city may be congratulated on its treasures, and
the artist on the noble achievement of many
years' labour.

The Independence Beige shows another proof of
the spirited policy of Mr. Gerard Harry, its direc-
tor, towards modern art, in the really marvellous
Salon supplement it has issued. By the courtesy of
the editor we hope next month to reproduce some
of the beautiful blocks which, as illustrations to a
daily paper, may claim to be the best ever offered
to the public. Of course a supplement prepared
in comparative leisure and printed separately on
finer paper must not be set against such admirable
efforts in rapid production as those of the Daily
Graphic for instance. Yet as a part of an issue
of a daily journal they are epoch-making, both for
the quality shown in selecting and the skill in

That novelty is yet possible in the mounting of
gorgeous spectacles, Scaramouche, the new ballet at
the Palace Theatre, goes far to prove. Its colour
is peculiarly refreshing. With a crowd of actors
clad entirely in white, the one black figure of the
title role gains a sombre mystery of its own, and as
a study of exquisitely subtle gradations of tone the
first scene is notable, although we had wished the
scenery had been less ornate. In the second,
however, against an innocuous interior the white
crowd tells with more force, and when ultimately by
varied tinted lights the dancers change rapidly
through the whole chromatic scale, a really beau-
tiful effect is produced. Apart from the music,
which is extremely good, or the story which is
piquant, coherent, and, mirabile dictu entirely
intelligible, the piece is worth seeing for its mount-
ing alone.

It is proposed to extend the Brighton Free
Library Museum and Art Gallery, and to devote
at least three good rooms to the exhibition of
pictures already acquired by the corporation, with
space for possible additions.

A " Black and White" exhibition is being
arranged at Leeds, to be open during October; it
will be devoted chiefly to etchings (including the
loan of a complete collection of Whistlers, and
a superb group of Meryons, by Mr. George of
Glasgow), supplemented by some drawings for
book illustration, lent by some of the larger pub-
lishing firms. Any advance in recognition of the
claims of the etcher or pen-draughtsman deserves

The forthcoming autumn exhibition at Wolver-
hampton promises to be exceptionally good.

The Sheffield Art Gallery shows in its last
report a slight falling off in Sunday visitors, owing
probably to the exceptionally fine weather : 47,353,
however, found Art more attractive than Nature.
The round total, 172,956, is a goodly number for
a half-year. The Sheffield Independent has some
drastic criticism on the Water-colour Exhibition
there, and advises its local artists to emulate the
examples set by Birmingham, Manchester, and


At North Shields a successful exhibition of
students' work has been lately opened, which is
declared to show a distinct advance on that of
previous years.

The Wolverhampton School of Art has come
out well in the national competition. The students
who have gained Queen's prizes are TJ S. Nield,
A. H. Smith (whose works were in. the..'South.
Kensington Exhibition), E. W. Brookes, S. J.
Dudley, J. H. Holmes,. S. J. Legge, and M.•
Rowles. Higher percentages of success were the
rule in each department.

The Croydon School of Art has a goodly list of <
awards, I including those gained by H. Clement:
Graff, Israel Mullins, and Joseph Rendell, in the
national competition.

The Norwich School of Art has carried off one
Queen's prize for a group in oil by Constance L.
Fountaine, and other prizes for works by Lily Day,
Lilian Freeman, and Gertrude Offord.

The report of the Ipswich School of Science and
Art is too full to summarise even briefly, but the
average awards do credit to its staff.

Coincidentally with the appointment of Mr.
Walter Crane as Director of Design, the Manchester
City Council has transferred the study of design,
hitherto carried on in the technical school, to the
School of Art in Cavendish Street, and consoli-
dated the two, with Mr. Glazier as head-master.
The fees have been reduced out of regard to
students who can afford only a portion of their
time for the study of art.

The Mayfield National Schools have been uti-
lised for an exhibition of carving and gilding. A
chancel screen and a renovated pulpit for Arling-
ton Church were the most important exhibits. As
an ' example of really artistic work executed in a
country district it is pleasant to record its success.

The School of Art at Birmingham will be fully
treated, in a paper already in hand for The Studio ;
but here we may note merely the bald details of the
important enlargement of its building. The new
wing opened in September covers an area of 968
square yards. Nine large class-rooms, with various
minor apartments, are thus added to the school.
The extension has cost ^15,000, which brings the
amount for the entire block of buildings, old and
new, to ^39,000,

At Aberdeen, Gray's School of Art has opened
for its winter session with over 200. Scholarships
are provided by the Town Council, and other

The Plymouth and the Devonport Schools of
Art have both held free exhibitions of the work of
their students, which have attracted a good number
of visitors and been cordially noticed by the
county papers.

The Scottish Industrial Art Association at Edin-
burgh have had their modest grant increased by
the Town Council, whose spokesman, Councillor
Waterson, in complimenting the association on
its excellent progress, advised it to arrange for a
public exhibition of its work.
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