Studio: international art — 30.1904

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in her unerring draughtmanship. Her conscious view from one of the windows of the Fine Arts

assurance of power is reflected in the freedom of Building. M. J. G. O.
her execution. Her skill in recognising and

appropriating that which is truly artistic is happily T% Tt ELBOURNE.—We give below an

displayed in her choice and consideration of sub- / m / 1 illustration of an interesting painting

jects. While Miss Baker's decided preference is / A] I entitled An Autumn Evening, by

for oil, she is equally at home in the lighter ATX ]y[r_ j. Salvand. J. S.
mediums ; and, as could hardly be supposed in the

case of one whose rendering was as virile as hers, REVIEWS,

she appears especially charming in miniature work. How to Look at Pictures. By Robert Cler-

Here she seems to impart a life and daring which mont Witt, B.A. (London : George Bell & Sons.)

accord perfectly with the diminutive size, yet Price 5s. net.—If one in a hundred of the persons

strikingly echo the boldness of her larger produc- who declare that they do not understand art, but

tions. Her efforts, so far, have been directed nevertheless protest their keen desire to do so

mainly to portraiture, although, when she has purchase a copy of this book, it should have an

gone beyond this and carried out an idea, as enormous circulation. On the whole Mr. Witt

in the subject entitled A Lotus, she has been has done his work very well. He is modest, sane,

especially fortunate. In this connection we should catholic, and he is uninfluenced by the cant and

call attention to a mural decoration—one of a the false atmosphere of mystery which have gathered

series to be executed by various artists for the hall round the craft of picture-making. We think that

of the Fine Arts Buildings. Hers is the study of Mr. Witt would be the first to admit that there

a single figure approached from a decorative stand- exist a vast number of human beings who, even

point alone, and, for those qualities which con- when they have marked, learned, and inwardly

tribute essentially to the expression of values, digested his pages, will still be unable to " look

harmony, rhythm, and proportion, the result is at pictures" in his sense of the phrase. It is

unusually successful. A gem of last year's Water possible to develop a latent faculty, but it is

Colour Exhibition, called LakeFront—Chicago, con- impossible to create a faculty. A great many

sists of a picturesque treatment of a bird's-eye people have no capacity for " art pleasure" in

! an autumn evening by j. salvand

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