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Mr. Percy Wadham, whose drawings are here illustrated, is an
Australian by birth, being the son of the late Hon. William Wadham,
of Adelaide. Mr. Wadham received his early art training from the late
T. S. Cooper, R.A., at Canterbury. Later he studied drawing under the
late James Chapman, the intimate friend and fellow-worker of E. M. Ward,
R.A. It was ori-
ginally intended
that he should be-
come an architect, If^ffcfe^jf

but after serving :%uS|f(I i W0$j0k' ' f >-ififfltW*

his articles he for- ^gif || f f^M^tf. f! V". '

sook architecture, ^^f^^. \ , ,

and for the past
twelve years his
work has been
chiefly devoted to
black - and - white
drawing for book
illustration. He
has exhibited at
most of the chief
London and pro-
vincial galleries,
and has contributed
to many of the
illustrated maga-
zines. At the be-
ginning of 1902
Mr. Waclham was
elect ed an Associate
of the Royal So-
ciety of Painter-
Etchers, and he
has been a member

of the London MM^B^^^^JM^W^"
Sketch Club since
its foundation.
The pen-and-ink
drawings here re- •• +y :*^:;i;-'.-vt^i^^:.:--..' if'};. ;-X Jlf|^%' "

produced were ■V^"^'''^^-'^?'*- '•' '•

made during a tour '
in France.

'' A Street in Vannes, Brittany " By Percy Wadham
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