Studio: international art — 30.1904

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EUCHATEL.— The exhibition of
paintings here was noteworthy this
year. Without showing any marked
difference, it was an advance on its

precursors in freedom from certain conventionali-
ties. The larger number of the exhibitors were
artists' of Neuchatel, and it is curious to see so
large an output and so considerable a body of
artists in so small a canton, numbering about
150,000 souls in all. The town picture-gallery,
containing works for the most part by native
painters, shows a distinctly local and very vigorous
artistic tradition, founded early in the nineteenth
century by a small group of artists. The juniors
of to-day have a really strong school behind them
—not only Robert Fleury and Calame, but others
known out of their own country: Maximilien Meuron
and his son Albert, Leon Berthoud, Bachelin and,
more lately, C. E. Dubois and Paul Robert.
They carry on tradition with much success in the
biennial exhibitions of the Society of the " Friends
of Art." The show this year included several
works in oil and water-colour of much refinement
and skill. There was not, indeed, any racial unity

of character or national style ; but, side by side with
the evident influences of Paris teaching, and works
displaying only the facile qualities of manual tech-
nique, some really distinct individualities had found
original modes of personal expression.

CHARLOTTENBURG. We give on the
opposite page a reproduction of a
portrait-bust of the late Professor
Mommsen, the work of the sculptor
Carl Pracht, of this town. The bust was modelled
from life in the year 1896, and Mommsen was so
pleased with it that he gave the sculptor a number
of sittings for the execution in marble. With the
exception of R. Begas' bust, which was presented
to Mommsen on his 70th birthday, and von
Lenbach's painting, this is the only existing portrait.


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