Studio: international art — 30.1904

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Matthew Mavis Etchings




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bedroom in purple and white designed by george logan

for messrs. wylie & lochhead


ODERN DUTCH ART: THE manner of his expression. At first it appeared
ETCHINGS OF MATTHEW on'y m tne curiously abstract simplicity of his
MARIS paintings, in the repose and reticence which gave

Among the leaders of the modern Dutch school,
Matthew Maris holds a position that is in many
ways remarkable. He has earned it, not by the
customary devices of the art politician—by the
exercise of a personal authority, or by the activity
of his intervention in the burning questions of the
art world—but by the strength of his individuality
as a worker. In his achievement there has been
from the first a peculiar quality which has stamped
it indisputably as the outcome of an exceptional
conviction, as the visible expression of an un-
common train of assthetic reasoning. Technically,
his paintings have always been memorable ; their
elegance of draughtsmanship, their subtle charm
of colour, and their wonderful persuasiveness of
pictorial sentiment, have made them distinguished
among the best examples of imaginative art. A
true nobility of style has been not the least of his
qualities as an artist. Whatever the subject he
has chosen to represent he has consistently digni-
fied it by his manner of setting it on the canvas,
and has, by the aid of his rare intelligence in-
vested an atmosphere of romance which has
never failed to be perfectly appropriate.

His preferences lie in the direction of a kind of
mediaeval mysticism, which has more and more
definitely, as years have gone on, determined the etching by matthew maris

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