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A Danish Painter

each other over the sea of eternity tells its own A DANISH MARINE PAINTER :
tale. How large and grand is the idea, and yet /\ LAURITZ HOLST. BY EDG-

how neat and compact is the treatment! / % CUMBE STALEY

Scope for delicacy in execution, as well as

accuracy in copying nature, is found in another Lauritz Holst was born on August ist, 1848, at

branch of work, i.e. medallion portraits, of which the little fishing hamlet not far from the fine

an example is given, which will, of course, be im- harbour of Elsinore. His parents were in com-

mediately recognised by all who know the sitter fortable circumstances. His father — major of

(the Earl of Carlisle). militia—carried the discipline of his military calling

Want of space forbids the enumeration of more into the sanctum of the home. His love of order

than a few examples of Pepys Cockerell's ideas, and his attention to detail made their mark upon

but enough has been said to demonstrate what was the character and upon the art of his boy. His

pointed out at the commencement of this article, i.e. mother, too, had her strong points. Her love of

that he works steadily towards a definite object, and truth and hatred of conventionalism carried to

is consistent in his treatment of it. The illustrations the pitch of mimicry, implanted in her child the

show that he is capable of carrying out those ideas, habit of seeing things as they are.

In conclusion it may be mentioned that he was His boyhood showed him to be possessed of all

a lifelong, intimate friend of the late Lord Leighton, the hardihood of his race. In and out of boats the

P.R.A., who had such confidence in his capabili- livelong day—his friends, fisher-folk and sailors

ties that for the last twenty years or so of his life all—artistic proclivities were developed with his

he invariably asked Cockerell's advice about the growth. The lad rarely had his pencil out of his

design and composition of his pictures, and, what hand. At work and at play he cared for little

is more to the point, almost always took it. else.

Thanks are due to Theresa, Countess of Shrews- An elder brother had also given evidence of

bury, the Earl of Carlisle, Sir F. Tress Barry, Bart., artistic talent. Five years older than Lauritz, he

R. Garton, Esq., and Mrs. Stewart Hodgson for per- became one of the cleverest pupils of the Copen-

mission to photograph and reproduce the works by hagen Academy. He it was who became his little

Mr. Cockerell in their possession. brother's first master, and prepared him to enter a

G. Ulick Browne. drawing school at the capital.


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