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Awards in " The Stludio" Prize Competitions

and my deeper insight into life's sad realities and
low appetites. What I saw I felt, and what I felt
I noted down." Some few of the " Cartoons of
Pencil Drawing " are well composed, and executed
in a forcible manner, notably those inscribed the
Envy of another's Spiritual Good, and Coveiousness
is an inordinate Desire of Worldly Possession. But
it is generally a mistake to endeavour to make art
the medium of moral teaching, and these sermons
in black-and-white can scarcely be called a success
in that direction.

Child?-en of the Village. A Book of Pictures. By
Maud Beddington. (London : Dent & Co.) 55.—
It is, indeed, a pleasure to meet with such a genuine
child's book as this series of pictures by Miss Maud
Beddington, whose drawings and paintings, ex-
hibited last year at the Woodbury Gallery, won her
so much genuine appreciation. Endowed with the
rare insight into child-life which is one of the most
marked characteristics of a poet, the artist has also
the power, so noticeable in the work of the great
French master Boutet de Monvel, of hitting off
with a few simple touches the salient peculiarities
of her subjects. She has gone in every case straight
to nature for her inspiration ; and should her book
ever fall into the hands of any of her models, they
could not fail to recognise the truthfulness of her
portraits. Her vividly realistic yet tenderly sym-
pathetic scenes, with their harmonious colouring,
will appeal with equal force to old and young,
interpreting, as they do, with much skill, the pathos
inseparable from the lives of the children of the
poor, familiar from the cradle with privation and
hard work.

(A XLV.)
Design for a Sconce.
The First Prize (Two Guineas) is won by
Craftsman (George Wilson, 125 Shortridge Terrace,
Jermond, Newcastle-on-Tyne).

The Second Prize (One Guinea), by Craftsman
(George Wilson, 125 Shortridge Terrace, Jermond,

Honourable Mention :—Craft (Fred. White);
Merry (Thomas Frost); Tiamp (David Veazey) ;
Alex (Alex. S. Carter); Lamplighter (J. P. Hully);
and Kenelm (F. W. B. Yorke).

Design for a Title Page.
The First Prize (Three Guineas) is awarded to

Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's,

The Second Prize (Two Guineas), to Tan
(Fred. H. Ball, 83 Scotland Road, Carlisle).
Hon. Mention :—Curlew (Lennox G. Bird).

Study of a Male or Female Hand and

The First Prize (One Guinea) has been won
by Wilhelmina (K. Roelants, Katwyk-aan-Zee,

The Second Prize (Haifa-Guinea), by Actinic
(John B. Anderson, 8 Ireton Street, Belfast).

Hon. Mention : — Tyrofilm (Walter Jasper);
Wilhelmina (K. Roelants) ; Endeavour (J. C. Varty-
Smith) ; Yashmak (Miss M. Grant); Oiseau
(Mildred Partridge); Betty Blue (Bessie Stanford);
and Waterloo (Edouard Adelot, Brussels).

first prize (a xlv) " craftsman "

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