Studio: international art — 30.1904

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Mount Street School of Art, Liverpool


lobster. The water was
represented by a cleverly-
arranged screen, and the
friendly assistance of a
bottle of soda-water, which
was well spattered over the
diver's face when beneath
the surface, and dripped oft
most realistically when he
came spluttering to the top.
The lobster, let it be known,
was very cleverly manu-
factured from card-board by
John Hassall—only it was
painted a brilliant red !


Throughout the
general work of this school
the most satisfactory
feature displayed is un-
doubtedly the excellence
of the drawing from the

being afterwards . discovered hidden within fair life, and it appreciably affects the application
distance of the hero's house at Westcombe Park ! of the figure to the wide range of decorative
One evening there was given an elaborately work undertaken by the students. Besides the
prepared presentation of "Hamlet," with Dudley interesting versatility and much clever origin-
Hardy in the title role, and Walter Churcher as ality of design, there is evidence of enthusiasm
Ophelia, the original text having undergone con- and industry on the part of the students, resulting
siderable variation, Hamlet performing the most in an exhibition certainly above the average in
awe-inspiring conjuring tricks with the skull in the quality.

grave-digging scene. This feature, however, ended The short-time sketches from the figure, done by
with less glory than usually attended the revellers' Clinton Balmer, Harry Butler, Charles Haworth
attempts at theatricals, for they all got sadly mixed and several others, included decidedly good work,
over their lines, and the performance broke up in and in the painting from life Gilbert Rogers and
a mad dance around the wild-eyed heroine, who Charles Sharpe acquitted themselves with very
was greatly admired for her exquisite coiffering. intelligent rendering of the model.

One of the last ot these jollifications was Original and distinctive design is fostered by the
enlivened by an original Punch and Judy show by somewhat unusual method employed in cutting
Jack Hassall, a wonderful mango trick performed stencils from life. The young designer is trained
by Rene Bull, as juggler, and Dudley Hardy and from the commencement to recognise the value of
Jack Hassall dressed as Turkish women, closely mass form in composition, and the severity of treat-
veiled and seated on the floor, droning out the ment required by stencil cutting tends to the sim-
weird tom-tom accompaniment, and the great tank plification of detail and the elimination of what is
act of Starr Wood, dressed as a diver, and per- unnecessary.

forming wonderful feats underneath the water, With this purpose the model is posed in strong
fighting with a very large and dangerous-looking contrast of light and shade to obtain the greatest

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