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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

as satisfactory as the text. Reproduced chiefly
from photographs and sketches by the author, they
prove that his artistic is not equal to his literary

Encyclopedia Britannica. Vol. 33. Edited by
Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace, Arthur T.
Hadley, LL.D, and Hugh Chisholm, B.A.
(London : Adam and Charles Black, and "The
Times").—This, the concluding volume of the new
issue, contains a number of articles of interest to
the artist and art-lover, amongst the most impor-
tant of which are those dealing with Sir Henry
Tate, Sir John Tenniel, James Tissot, Constant
Troyon, Textiles, G. F. Watts, Thomas Woolner,
Anton von Werner, I. Q. A. Ward, E. C. Gustave
Wappers and Sir Richard Wallace. All these sub-
jects are treated with admirable judgment and
discrimination, and the illustrations are excellently

St. Albans. By the Rev. Thomas Perkins,
M.A. (London: George Bell & Sons.)—Fully
on a level with its predecessors in the
same series, so far as the scholarly text and
excellent illustrations are concerned, this new
volume is melancholy reading, recording as
it does the terrible damage done to the
noble structure of the Cathedral of St. Albans by
its restorers. To give but a few instances of the
ruthless destruction which has taken place : the
beautiful octagonal corner turrets of the west front
have been pulled down and replaced by square ones
with pyramidal caps; the south front of the transept
has been entirely rebuilt, and a new window of no
art merit whatever inserted; whilst the quaintly
characteristic stype, of which a beautiful illustration
is given by Mr. Perkins, has been completely taken
to pieces, its disjointed members now appearing in
different parts of the new work. It is, indeed,
melancholy that it should be possible for such a
fate to overtake what was originally one of the
noblest examples of Norman architecture in the
British Isles.

Pictures of Old Inverness. By P. Delayault.
(Inverness : Robert Carruthers & Sons.) £2 2s.
—The long list of subscribers to this copiously
illustrated volume proves how great an interest is
taken in Inverness by those familiar with it. There
is, however, unfortunately little to recommend the
book to the general public ; for, in spite of all the
time and care evidently lavished on it, coloured
photographs would really have been quite as satis-
factory as these essentially commonplace drawings,
which are not only wanting in character, but in
some cases are even faulty in perspective.

Wood'Carving. By Frank G. Jackson.
(London : Chapman & Hall.)—Thoroughly elemen-
tary in scope, written in clear and simple language,
and enriched with numerous illust rations, reproduced
from drawings by the author from specially carved
exercises, this little Manual will be of great use to
all teachers, especially to those who are endeavour-
ing to arouse an interest in wood carving and
encourage local talent in remote country districts.

Design for a Silver Inkstand.
The First Prize {Two Guineas) has been
awarded to Eddisbury (G. H. Day, Oak Lea,
Helsby, Cheshire.)

The Second Prize (One Guinea), to Ernestus
(E.F.Beckett, 13 Fell Street, Kensington, Liverpool.)

Hon. Mention :—Ekin (Edwin Wallick); Lamp-
lighter (J. P. Hully); Curlew (Lennox G. Bird).

Design for a Book-cover.
The Prize (Two Guineas) has been won
by Fisces (Natalie A. Johnson, 416 West 20th
Street, New York City, U.S.A.).

Hon. Mention :—Blackthorn (Helena E. Jones),
and Southern Star (Florence Broom).


Design for a Book-cover and End-paper.

The Prize {Three Guineas) has been won
by Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's,

Hon. Mention :—Lang Tuun (George Mitchell);
Tide (Edith Mitchell); Coridon (Edward Pay);
and Alex (A. Isailoff).

Illustration for "In Memoriam."
The First Prize {One Guinea) is awarded to
Pan (F. H. Ball, 83 Scotland Road, Carlisle).

The Second Prize {Ha If-a-Guinea), to Isca
(Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter).

Hon. Mention :—leo (L. A. Borden) ; Southern
Star (Florence Browne); and Dandelion (Lucy


The First Prize {One Guinea) is awarded to
Gardener (Bridget Talbot, Little Gaddesclen
House, Berkhamsted).

The Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea), to Lens
(W. A. Hoffmann, The Manor House, Tonbridge).
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