The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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plates of France, to the amount of a vcrv confider-
able fum ; fome window glafs of the Dutch ; and
the German drinking glades for water, with gilt
edges and other ornaments, are now coming again
extremely into fafhion. The caufes of this demand-
for foreign commodities, which are, or might be bet-
ter, and cheaper manufactured here, are various;
and the difplaying of them not being a proper part
of my bufinefs at prefent, I fhall wave it ; and only-
intimate, that the tax laid upon glafs (aginft all the
principles of good policy) has greatly corroborated
them, as well as checked a growing exportation of
fome articles, which would probably, in time, have
been of very great confequence to our commerce.

Of coloured glafs :—For blue, take four ounces of
calcined and pulverifed rock cryilal, two ounces of
of faltpetre, one ounce of borax, half a pound or
manganefe, one pound of indigo-blue.

A cryfolite glafs :—To one pound of frit, take
pulverifed verdigrife three ounces and a half, red
lead one ounce.

A faphir green glafs :—To one pound of the above
compofition, or cryftal frit, take one ounce of good
zaffer, and of a curious fine pin-dull two pounds.


TO imitate fine oriental pearls :—Take of thrice
diftilled vinegar two pounds, Venice turpen-
tine one pound ; mix them together into a mafs,
and put them into acucurbite, fit a head and receiver
to it. and after you have luted the joints, fet it,

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