Cockerell, Charles Robert
The temples of Jupiter Panhellenius at Aegina and of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae near Phigaleia in Arcadia: to which is add a memoir of the systems of proportion employed in the original design of these structures — London, 1860

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of the Parthenon by the Dilettanti Society. Again it can only be in connection with the great Athenian master-
work that the perfected system of architectural proportion, as employed by the first Greek artist, can be fully set
forth even to the extent that it has appeared recoverable ; the exposition of this therefore, and its vindication
by collation with natural principles and independent theory must await the precarious providence of a distinct
treatise on a special basis. I recently indicated some brief general outlines of results in a paper read in the
rooms of the Institute of British Architects, which will be found again abbreviated in their Transactions, and
here the subject at present remains. Meantime it will perhaps be thought that the adumbrations of proportional
system, plan, and process, in the examples we have gone over of Phigaleia and iEgina are so far not without
interest, though I make it a conscience to record my sense of how much by necessity remains unattempted here.

I have endeavoured in these notes to indicate from time to time the points on which we still desiderate
more exact testimony from the monuments ; I would say further that the best service that remains to be
rendered to Greek Architecture after the records contained in the plates of the present volume are before the
world, will be the measurement and publication of the hitherto wonderfully preserved Theseum, with the same full
and scrupulous detail that Mr. Penrose bestowed so happily on the Parthenon. When this shall be done, the world
will have acquitted its responsibility for placing beyond the risks of wars and revolutions the means of some day
fully recovering and setting forth those principles of Eternal Truth and Beauty that the genius of the Greeks
embodied in their Doric Architecture.


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