Studio: international art — 24.1902

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The Darmstadt Artists Colony

and oil-paint is no longer to remain recalcitrant and hardly to
be wooed into any submission, certain it is that in the very
first pictures they exhibited Mr. Orpen and Mr. McEvoy have
shown a remarkable power of making paint do what they wish.
Before pictures so accomplished—in the face of the painted
chandelier, let us say, in Mr. Orpen's A Window in a London
Street—the epithet " promising" may, for once, falter even
upon a critic's lips.



If we talk to the Man in the Street about the
new fashion ot fitting up private dwellings, or the new style


by l. habich

forthwith fetches one out ready-
made and imposes it upon his land-
scape of trees and water and boys
bathing. It is interesting, and
there is something so inherently
right in a tinted drawing that one
would rather have it than not, even
when the convention does not
justify itself.

Quite recently, within the last
year, a new interest has been added
to the exhibitions of the New
English Art Club by the work of
Mr. Orpen and Mr. McEvoy.
Whether or no it is possible that , , . _„_,„„

1 monument to the late grand duchess by l. habich

we have at last turned the corner, alice of hesse

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