Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Independent British Art at Messrs. Agnews


Indeed, this is, perhaps, the greatest merit of his determination to obtain a grasp of those vital
Mr. Drury's achievement here: that in producing matters which count for so much in the equipment
magnificent sculpture he has not forgotten that the of an artist. He has never worked simply for the
object of his effort was to be the completing and moment; whatever he has done has been invari-
enhancing of a piece of well-proportioned and im- ably in the nature of a preparation for some-
pressive architecture. He has sacrificed none of thing later on. In this, his latest and, in
his own individuality, none of his personal senti- many respects, his most ambitious effort, we see
ment about his art, and certainly none of his the result of years of consistent striving to realise
admirable vigour of technical practice ; but he has ideals which were implanted in his unusually recep-
not forced his contribution to the general effective- tive mind at the most receptive period of his life;
ness of the building into an excessive prominence and we see, too, the development of capacities,
which would be inartistic because it would imply always great, which have been guided constantly
on his part a lack of a due sense of proportion, by an influence that has never waned. And even
His discretion as a designer is not more worthy of more can we perceive what we are justified in
praise than his strength of craftsmanship. The expecting in years to come from an artist who
large and certain modelling of the heads and limbs; already has attained such a mastery over his craft,
the breadth and firmness of the draperies, magnifi-
cent in their quality of massive light and shade, T NDEPENDENT BRITISH ART AT
and yet perfectly elegant and easy in their flow of I MESSRS. AGNEW'S.
line; the rhythmical adjustment of forms and

masses—all are imposing in their masculine power, Those who are seriously interested in the

and yet all are restrained and kept in proper sub- welfare of British art cannot fail to have noticed

jection by a sense of refinement and a love of with gratification a growing appreciation during

beauty which deserve no ordinary degree of com- the last few years of the work of artists who are

mendation. subject neither to conventionality nor officialism,

But, after all, Mr. Drury's success is but the who desire freedom of expression unfettered by

logical outcome of his use of his temperament any consideration beyond that demanded by the

and his training. He has progressed stage by stage, dignity of their art.

building always upon the knowledge which he has In dealing with such work as this, however, it is

steadily gathered in many directions, and using his necessary to examine very carefully the motive

successive experiences to widen his view, and to which inspires it. The very freedom we have

enlarge the scope of his activity. There has been mentioned has its obligations, its dangers, and its

no turning back in his career, no slackening of temptations. If it is used to develop and maintain
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