Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Studio- Talk


STUDIO-TALK belonging to work with the needle, yet without

(From our Own Correspondents) limiting it only to that almost feminine delicacy

ONDON.—In our reference last month which a narrow view of its possibilities would seem

to the Exhibition of the Royal Society to dictate,

of Painter-Etchers, we were prevented, -

through lack of time, from including the The Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours,
etchings here illustrated from plates by Mr. Frank whose summer exhibition continues until nearly
Brangwyn, A.R.A., Mr. Alfred East, A.R.A., and the end of June, is as fully interesting in character
Col. R. Goff. These etchings are highly repre- as ever and as catholic in its recognition of merit
sentative of the heights to which the art has been in water-colour painting. Mr. James Paterson con-
carried at their hands. Mr. Brangwyn and Mr. tributes some strongly painted landscapes; Mr.
East are more allied in their aims, and they regard Anning Bell never fails in his decorative domain;
the province of the etching needle from a somewhat Mr. Sargent, in his fearless work, enriches the
different standpoint to that of Col. Goff, and yet the character of the exhibition ; Sir Ernest W'aterlow,
work of the latter is not so wholly at variance with R.A., the President, exhibits characteristically
their methods as that of many other prominent dignified and truthful paintings; and Mr. R. W.
etchers. He has, perhaps, more particularly an Allan shows several of his remarkable water-colours,
etcher's vision of his subject, whilst Mr. Brangwyn There are two heads by Mr. George Clausen, A.R. A.;
and Mr. East may both be said to be trying to give some good examples of the art of Mr. Alfred
the fullest expression to the same vigorous view of Parsons, A.R.A.; two clever paintings by Mr.
art which finds its explanation in their paintings. PI. S. tlopwood; some peacocks painted with all
All three etchers observe strictly the qualities the skill of Miss Mildred Butler's art; and excellent


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