Studio: international art — 37.1906

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The International Society s Exhibition.

Second Notice

hibition of sculpture held in
conjunction with any of the
picture exhibitions. It signi-
ficantly marks the breaking
down of the prejudice which
sculpture has had to surmount
in this country. Hitherto it
has seemed to be tolerated
and not welcomed by the
majority of exhibitions. The
movements that are most vital
in modern sculpture were re-
presented here in the works
of Rodin, Meunier, Havard
Thomas, Furse, Bartholome.
Rodin exhibited the large
Le Baiser and Paolo and
Francesca. Both of these were
typical Rodins, but there was
something rather meaningless

these pictures, which, as G. F.
Watts remarked, represent
" far more what he has felt
than what he has seen."

Such is M. Angelo Dall'
Oca Bianca, of Verona, who,
at the outset imbued with an
entirely formal art, but now in
full possession of his artistic
faculties, is rising into the
regions of beauty, full of
charm and poesy and fancy.

Alfredo Melani.


The International Society's
Exhibition was notable on
account of the large display
of sculpture which it gave,
and which remained over the
whole of the exhibition, other-
wise divided into two sections,
the black-and-white, water
colours and pastels following
that of oils. There has never
been in London a more in-
teresting and noteworthy ex- " le haleur de katwyk" by constantin meunier
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