Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

BOOKS RECEIVED. Class B. Pictorial Art.

" Prjirafaelismus." Von Jarno Jessen. Illustrated. Mk. 1.25, B xvn. Figure Sketch in Pastels

1.50, and 2.50. (Bard, Marquardt & Co., Berlin.)
"The Art of the Venice Academy." By Mary Knight First Prize (Two Guineas): Voeke (Rene Scheepers,

Potter. Illustrated. 6*. net. (G. Bell & Sons.) 39 Rampart des Beguines, Antwerp). Second Prize (One

" Longton Hall Porcelain." . By William Bemrose, F.S.A. Guinea): Boz (Maud Egremont, 48 Stanwick Mansions,

Illustrated. (Bemrose & Sons.) West Kensington, W.). Hon. Mention : Brus/i (P. Lan-

" Wessex." Painted by Walter Tyndale, R.I. Described caste'> ; Isca <Miss E' Lal™mbe);/. F. (Bernard D. Taylor).

by Clive Holland. Coloured Illustrations. 201. net.

(A. and C. Black.) Class C. Photographs from Nature.

" Catalogue of Prints. II. Modern Etchings and Aquatints

of the British and American Schools in the National Art c xvrn- p"°tograph of a Snow Scene.

Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum." 2s. 6d. (Board First Vrke (One Guinea) : Chrysoidine (Giorgio Boctto,
of Education.) Viade]ia Rocca 25> Turin). Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea):

" The Acorn." Quarterly Magazine of Literature and Art. Dalzell (Dan Dunlop, Hamilton Street, Motherwell, N.B.).
No. II. Illustrated. (Caradoc Press.) Hon. Mention : Boreas (Emil Rostig) ; Arosa and Bogey

" The English Water-Colour Painters." By A. T. Finberg. (S. Boguslawski); Hale (Mrs. D. Hale).
Illustrated. (Duck-
worth & Co.)

"Asthetik und allgemeine
Kunstwissenschaft." Von
Max Dessoir. Illustrated.
(F. Enke, Stuttgart.)

"Granada: Memories, Adven-
tures, Studies, and Impres-
sions." By Leonard Wil-
liams. Illustrated. 7j. 6d.
net. (Heinemann.)

" How to Study Pictures." By
C. E. Caffin. Illustrated,
ior. 6d. net. (Hodder &

"Die PhotographischeKunstim
Jahre 1905." Edited by F.
Matthies Masuren. Illus-
trated. Mk.8. (W. Knapp,
Halle a. S.)

'1 Impressions of Japanese Archi-
tecture." By Ralph Adams
Cram. Illustrated, ioj. 6d.
net. (J. Lane.)

" Les Maitres de l'Art: Geri-
cault." Par Leon Rosen-
thal, D. es L. Illustrated.
3 fr. 50. (Librairie de l'Art
Ancien et Moderne, Paris.)

"Manual Training Drawing
(Woodwork)." By F.
Sturch. (Methuen.)

" Giovanni Antonio Bazzi,
usually styled 'Sodoma':
The Man and the Painter ;
1477-1549 " By R. H.
Hobart Cust, M.A. Illus-
trated. (Murray.)


Class A. Decorative Art.

(The awards in Competition
A xxv. are held over until next
month.) second prize (comp. c xviii) " dalzell '

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