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Arts and Crafts Exhibition. First Notice

most personal element in the art of Herterich. This
picture was painted in the cool, mysterious light of
a pine forest—an appropriate setting for the subject.
The picture shows exhaustive study of the material
in hand, and for this he has, I think, sacrificed the
greatest charm in The Knight—its bold, masterful

Another phase of the artist is brought out in his
Summer Evening. Here is a fine rendering of two
figures in the soft glow of a summer twilight. The
figure of the girl is charming not only in character
but in its simplicity of line, and the rich enveloped

works than those named above, for Herterich is an
untiring worker—his friends say indeed that he
works far too hard. How highly he is esteemed by
his fellow-artists may be inferred from the fact that
during the past year he was elected to serve on
three international juries, in Venice, Munich and
Berlin respectively. A. S. Covey.


It is with a certain feel-
ing of melancholy that one
views the exhibition of the
Arts and Crafts Society for
1906. When one remembers
the great promise of an
artistic future for the crafts,
as exhibited in some pre-
vious Exhibitions of this
Society, and notably in
those of 1893, 1896, and
1899, when the beautiful
Arras tapestry and carpets
designed by William Morris
formed such a notable
feature ; when the effective
coloured plaster work of
George Frampton and R.
stained glass windows for designed by heywood sumner Anning Bell; the restrained

great warley church

tone of the white gown
could scarcely be more
pleasing in quality. It is,
I think, not so pictorial in
arrangement as any of the
other three mentioned.

His Before the Mirror is
alike original and interest-
ing in its arrangement.
It shows a fine considera-
tion of form, but is no less
pleasurable in its quality of
colour. His latest work is a
series of great decorative
panels for a banqueting-hall
in the city of Essen, com-
missioned by Frau Krupp.

Did space permit, I

. stained glass windows for designed by 11eywood sumner

might mention many other great warley church

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