Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Studio- Talk

STUDIO-TALK always been attached. Closely connected with the

(From our own Correspondents) Pre-Raphaelite group, though dying so late as last

LONDON.—At a meeting of the Royal year, Solomon's work has remained, so far at least
Academy, held in the second week of as the general public are concerned, comparatively
the new year, Mr. Solomon J. Solomon unknown. In places nothing more than languidly
was promoted to full membership; and sentimental, his art at other times rises to heights
Mr. Joseph Israels and Mr. A. St. Gaudens were of a proud and remote mysticism which only
made Honorary Foreign Academicians. At another meets its equal in Blake. The artist's ideal is
meeting held just before, Mr. Edward Stott, painter, one of Hellenic beauty always, and though com-
and Mr. F. W. Pomeroy, sculptor, were elected parison has been made between his early work and
Associates, and Mr. Frank Short and Mr. William the drawings of Rossetti, his adherence to this
Strang Associate-Engravers, a class to which no ap- ideal and his love of the abstract is in antagonism
pointments had been made for many years. We are to the spirit of Rossetti's art. Rapid transitions
officially informed thatthesenew Associate-Engravers from weakness to greatness and then again to
will hold the same rights and privileges as other Asso- weakness gave an extraordinary character to the
ciates and take the letters A.R.A. after their names, artist's work as a whole, as it was to be seen in this

- exhibition. It is an inequality to some extent

We reproduce here two oil sketches by Mr. explained by the unhappiness for which the artist's
Alexander Jamieson, one of the younger Scottish temperament seemed fated in its curious incom-
painters resident in London. Mr. Jamieson is an patibility with life's daily traffic. Mr. Baillie is
impressionist, painting with great vitality in his entitled to congratulation for his energy in getting
brushwork, aiming at movement, light, and colour. together this memorial exhibition, and thus bringing
Constantly sketching from life as it goes on around the late artist's memory into its own in the matter
him, he has, in the course of time, accumulated a of long-delayed public recognition. Following
quantity of panels painted
each at one sitting, and
they all have that freshness
of first impressions which
is so pleasant. Out of the
material thus accumulated
have grown his better
known exhibition pictures,
but these panels are most
interesting as showing the
unusual degree of skill he
has attained as an oil
sketcher. They evince
much of that highly trained
power of selection and
cultivated habit of vision
that is characteristic of the
best impressionist work.

With his entrance into
new galleries at 54, Baker
Street, Mr. John Baillie
opened in December a
characteristically interesting
exhibition, that of the works
of the late Simeon Solomon,
to whose name, when every
now and then it has ap-
peared in recent years,
considerable curiosity has oil sketch by Alexander jamieson

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