Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Prof. Ludwig Herterich

a teacher at the Graphische-Lehranstalt for more
than two years, and though this position is materially
no gain, still it is morally. Unfortunately, it is the
great majority who need educating; good taste,
right feeling and judgment are not inborn to all—
even the Viennese. A. S. Levetus.



clock in ebony . designed by otto prutscher
and ormolu executed by n.

That the Secessionist movement in modern
German art has made rapid strides is fairly well
known, but only those living within the boundaries
of the country realise how complete this revolu-
tion has been. France, too, has had her battles
of the Impressionists — a continued aggressive
attack of well defined groups against the older
schools. No other countries present parallel cases,
for outside Germany and France these followers of
the new schools have in no wise been so complete
in their organisation as in these two countries.

In Germany the movement has been growing
steadily stronger for thirty years. It has been a
battle to the death between the Secessionists on
the one side, and the old academies with their

the young artists, painters,
decorators, architects, and
craftsmen who are helping
to make Vienna famous in
all lands as the city of
modern art and more par-
ticularly of decorative art.
In Vienna alone there are
a large number of capable
artists, men and women,
who will carry out the prin-
ciples inculcated in them
by their teachers, and they
in their turn may help to
bring about a moral and
intellectual gain in all things
concerning art.

Let us hope that Otto
Prutscher will realise his
dreams to develop these
qualities, and that he too
may claim his share in the
education of his country-
men—he is qualified to play
such a part, for he has been " before the mirror" by ludwig herterich
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