Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

PRICES AT RECENT SALES. "Bruges and West Flanders." Painted by A. Forestier.

January 2oth.— At Sotheby's. Ex Libris(Bookplates): Described by G. W. T. Omond. ioj. net. (A. & C.

Brown Collection.—One of the finest which has come into Black.)

the market. The highest bids : for volume of Chippendale's Black-board and Free-arm Drawing. By II. II. Stephens,
and early Jacobean plates, ^28; a single plate by Michael U'CP- 4* 60. net. (Blnckie & Son.)
Burghers, £3 Ai. (supposed first English allegorical " Svenska Landskap." By Piince Eugen. With an Intro-
plate). Scarce platesof Byron, Carlyle, Dibden, Dickens (2), ductory Essay by O. Levertin. (A. Bonnier, Stockholm.)
Disraeli, Gladstone (ihe latter two with autographs), Edward " A History of English Furniture : The Age of Walnut."
Fitzgerald (by Thackeray), realised very small prices. B)' Percy Macquoid, R.I. Illustrated. £2 2s. net.

. . , (Lawrence & Bullen.)

January 20ti1.—At Christies: .... „ ,. , ._, , ,,. „ „ TT , _ ,

J lhe Etchings of Charles Meryon. By Hugh Stokes.

B.J. Blommer... Fishing Boats ............250^. ?s_ net (Q_ Newnes j

Sam Bough ... Ullswater ............... 130,, " Old Pewter." By Malcolm Bell. Illustrated. Js. 6d.

Van Os ...... Vases of Flowers anO Fruity pair) 82 ,, net (G. Newnes.)

T.S.Cooper ... Three Cows in a Pasture...... 80,, "The Seasons.'' Pictured by Amy Sawyer. y. 6d.

R. Thome Waite Tramps Moving Camp ......,£31 10 (Sands & Co.)

Class A. Decorative Art.
A xxn. Design for a Front-door Letter-plate.
(Owing to pressure on our space we are unable to
reproduce any designs in this competition.)
First Prize [Three Guineas): Lamplighter (J. P. Hully,
New Road, Lancaster). Second Prize (Two Guineas):
Brush (Percy Lancaster, 231 Loid Street, Southport).
Hon. Mention: Bloom (T. A. Cook); Miom (W. H.
James); Outree (H. F. Gammie) ; Fweddie (N. Keene) ;
Glis (Miss F. M. Bartholomew); Cakey (J. K. Cakebread);
Campanula (Miss W. H. Patterson).

A xxiv. Designs for a Set of Painted Wooden Toys.

First Prize {Three Guineas): Nemo (Edward H. Rouse,
44 Audley Gardens, Seven Kings, Essex).

Second Prize (Two Guineas): Mao (Jeanne Plateau,
Chaussee de Courtrai 148, Gand, Belgium).

A xxvi. Design for an Advertisement.
FIRST Prize (Three Guineas): Seagan (John Power,
January 27tii.-At Christies. Engravings: 3' St. James's, New Cross, S.E.). Second Prize (Two

, „ _ , , , Guineas) : Bob Rob (R. J. Roberts, 36 Sampson Road,

I. M. W. Turner. Ltoer ShiOiorum (complete set)... ps. „ TT r, n

J v f 1 tj s Sparkbrook, Birmingham). Hon. Mention : Pan (F. H.

E. M. Wimpeiis.

Landscape with Sheep

■• ,?6 15

January 23RI).

—At Christie's. Engravings :

D. Lucas ......

Dedham Vale (first state)

£w 2 0

After Constable.

,, .. . ...

Salisbury Cathedral........

• 24 3 0

After Constable.

S. Cousins......

Countess Gower and Daughter

26 5 0

After Lawrence (proof).

C. Turner......

A Shipivreck ...........

20 9 6

After J. M. W. Turner.

J. Jones .....

Signor Baceli ...........

• 3° 9 0

After Gainsborough.

De Launay

Les Hazards Heureux de VEscar

polettc ..............

• 47 5 0

After Fragonard.

January 27111

. — At Chiistie's :

W. Muller......


^i36 10

T. Creswick

The Woodcutters ........

■ «9 S

David Cox......

A River Scene ... ........

• ' 54 gs.

Etty ...... ...

Venus and Cupid ........

■ 36

Raeburn ......

Portrait of Miss Small.....

■ ;£5° 8

T. S. Cooper

The Passing Storm........

• 165 gs-

W. Collins......

Cardigan Bay ...........

9' >.

Ball) ; Dent-de-Lion (Miss L. Day) ; Halbar (H. C. Bare-

D. Lucas ...... The Lock ............... 92

After Constable (first published state).

V. Green ......Lady Elizabeth Compton...... 225 „ ham> : Officer (X. Sarg); Aefsst G. D. lies).

After Sir j. Reynolds. class B. pictorial ART.

February 2nd.—Puttick & Simpson. Engravings: B xvi. Study of a Leafless Tree.

T.Graham ... The Soldier's Departure and The First Prize (Two Guineas): Sutherland (c. BeresLrd

Soldier's Return (pair of ovals) ... ^78 Hopkins, The Cottage, Stanley, Stoke-on-Trent).

After G. Morland. Second Prize (One Guinea) : Pan (F. H. Ball, 85 Scot-

,, ... The Billeted Soldier and The Sol- ]and Road, Carlisle).

dier's Farewell ............ 52 Hon. Mention : Ancient Oak (J. G. Robertson); Ant

K.Bell ......Selling Cherries and Selling Peas... 90 (W. O. Trivetti); Biffeu (E, H. Compton); Bill Bailey

After G. Morland (Arnold Marquis); Birds (Miss M. Perrott) ; Ciss (T. B.

BartolozziLadySmytheanOChilOren (i„ colours) 41 ghuttleworth) ; Cyrano E. Claude Skill); Doro (Miss D

W. Dickinson ... Mrs. Sheridan as St Cecilia ... 10 pMx ^ N_ F. Palmer); Glen (John Mills)';

After bir J. Reynolds (in colours). ' j, " u«™ muoi ,

Mrs. Sheridan as St. Cecilia ... 31 gs. L'"° (C- I- Beese> ' Lucmt <F" K- Sha«0 ' Mont (II. Moore,

Second state. junr.); November (Helene Brosener) ; Nonex (c. Doust);

Quercus (Mi-s G. M. Wilson): Skijos (C P. Mullins);

BOOKS RECEIVED. w_ xie (Winifred Christie).

" Architectural Sketching and Drawing in Perspective " By Class C. Photographs from Nature.

H. W. Roberts. 36 plates. 7s. 6d. net. (Batsford.)

" The Model Village and its Cottages: Bournville." By C xv,u A Characteristic Winter Scene.

W. A. Harvey. Illustrated. 8s. 6d. net. (Batsford.) First and Second Prizes (One Guinea and Haf-a-

•' Beautiful Women in History and Art." By Mrs. Stettart Guinea): IVienerwald (Konrad Heller, Schonbrunnerstrasse

Erskine. Illustrated. £1 (G. Bell & Sons.) 249/251, Vienna).

" Days with Velasquez." By c. Lewis Hind. Illustrated. Hon. Mention: Hope (R. Hope Macey) ; Merlin

■js. 6d. ntt. (A. & c. Black.) (Hy. Bond) ; Pax (Hy. Neville); St. Mungo (Dan Dunlop).
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