Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Arts and Crafts Exhibition. Second Notice

and necessary reforms. The circumstances to which
these reforms apply are so complex that men of
resolute character as well as high-trained intelli-
gence, such as the author of this work, are
needed in order to accelerate our emancipa-
tion from those ancient formulas which science
is casting aside one by one, and it is imperative to
persevere without flagging in the endeavour to
secure a more wholesome future for the population
crowded together in our cities. All the thinking
elements in a country should be attracted towards
this vital question; and on seeing how M. Rey has
solved it we are tempted to wonder whether Eng-
land, a country always open to new suggestions,
will not feel called upon to follow his lead in the
elaboration of similar works.

Henri Frantz.



In our first notice of this exhibition last month
"the spirit of modelled by c. r. 4shbee we dealt with the larger objects of design exhibited,

modern Hungary" and alex miller. and had occasion t0 deplore the absence of any

led to the adoption of this
form. It is most essential that
there should not be even the
smallest part of the back and
front surfaces of the building
which cannot be swept by the
prevailing winds ; this is the
only way of ensuring true
aeration, and it is neglect of
this simple principle that has
created the inner courtyard
enclosed by high walls, the
stagnant atmosphere of which
is the true cause of the high
rate of mortality in our cities.
Elaborate diagrams, prepared
by M. Rey, show how easily air
can circulate in these big open
squares when compared with
the illusory ventilation of those
inner courtyards which have
been the inveterate mistake of
our builders.

Such are the main outlines
of the workmen's dwellings
contemplated in M. Rey's
scheme: a vast project which

1 1 oak wardrobe, with ebony designed by ambrose heal, junr.

conforms to our need of urgent and boxwood inlay executed byj. pollock.

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