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Otto Prutscher

OTTO PRUTSCHER: A YOUNG It is always good to have an opportunity of

VIENNESE DESIGNER OF IN- seeing many works by one man : one can better

TERIORS BY A S LEVETUS reause his capabilities and the direction of his
mind. Having seen many electric lamps, crystal

Every year the professors at the Vienna School and bronze bowls, and other works of art

■°f Applied Art (Kunstgewerbeschule) send into designed by Otto Prutscher at the establishment

tne world a few of their students of both sexes, of Messrs. Bakalowitz and Sons, Vienna, who,

armed with sound knowledge and endowed with by employing young talent to design their

true artistic feeling, who are thus fitted for the objects, have done much to encourage the new

battle of life which lies before them. Since the movement, I was glad of the further opportunity

Te-organisation of the school some seven years offered me to visit the exhibition of furniture and

■ago, many of the students have made their way modern art at the Horticultural Society's premises,

ln the world, and one of the most prominent so as to be able to judge of the young architect's

promising of them is Otto Prutscher. He was work in other directions. I speak of him as an

■°ne of the first to receive his training under the architect, because the term is no longer restricted

new system, and was fortunate in having Professor to the man who designs the structure of a building,

^atsch and Professor Josef Hoffmann as his but is applied to the designer of interiors and—on

J'hose who know Hoff-
mann's scholarly work—if
the word scholarly may be
Used in art and architecture
~^know what to expect of
ftls Pupils. Sound students
an every sense of the word,
they are finefi w;tri tne same

enthusiasm as their master,
"^ho, from the moment he
■entered on his professorship,
has imbued those under his
■care with his own ideals—
*° search for the best, and
to find it in the good, the
noble, the true. He en-
courages individuality in his
Pupils and has no desire to
See them ape his style. No
°ne recognises more than

he the value of true indi- "T ~~ ■' "' BW

^duality. Otto Prutscher * ■hRt '' ' '' '«*«" '!;»•' filI

has drunk deep of his BSB^SS?**' • ]' i ' )«.•£' • i | ! H t [ I jijflB '

Master's knowledge; but B^^m8^:> 1'■'<* ■'' ' ^ ^^-ij

■at the same time he is no i JjB&f^B&Sb' « c» w c(\\ H |j I LgSH !

niere copyist—his ideals are ■Bn^Rr^ - J..,—!".'!"'''',

his own and he seeks their JPr^r^f^T~^~^"' '—• 4- 1 "OS *

■attainment in his own way. ■BHSS^BSHB^rTT-;!____ Ui-.

He possesses a clear, sound .,-

Judgment; he know,, whal ■ IM&''4~v . : f'wfl ' : i

hes before him, and endea- HB^MHHHMHlHn

vours to create for himself. . _.-

He never goes into extremes, H .* f'j

f°r, spite of his youth—he is J— mtx3S*Bi^0~" v ^^^^^^^ ■1

«nly twenty-six—he never garden gate designed by otto prutscher

'ets his fancy outrun his wit. executed by mutter & schranz

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