Studio: international art — 84.1922

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by E. E. Thiery; the pastel, Parfums
Mystiques, by Mile. Marguerite V. Burdy ;
the Illustrations pour le Ramayana, by
Mile. Suzanne Lagneau, and some ex-
cellent black and white drawings by Victor
Charretons and Louis Jourdan. 0 a
Amongst the contributions by English
artists, The descent from the Cross, in water-
colour, by Miss Hawksley, was particularly
arresting, appealing alike by its colour and
its impressive design. Not a few of the
works sent from England have already
been illustrated in The Studio or publicly
exhibited in London. They include Mr.
E. Reginald Frampton's visionary Love
and the West Wind and Love in the Alps ;
Mr. A. Talmage's By Cornish Leas, an
attractively painted figure in grey and
black checked shawl against a shimmering
sea ; a similarly interesting child and her
dog under the sunlit lime trees (Sous le
Tilleul), by Miss A. K. Browning ; Hilda,
by Mr. Frederic Whiting ; Laughter, by
Mr. T. C. Dugdale; portrait of Miss
Vera Butler and interesting little'figure,
Dancer, by Mr. John da Costa; some
attractive portraits by Miss Flora Lion ;
Old Inn and two interesting still-life pieces,
by Mr. John Russell; Mr. Munnings's At
a Point-to-Point Meeting; The Last Rays,
by Mr. Julius Olsson, and Evening on the
Cornish Coast, by Mr. R. Borlase Smart;
two portraits by Mr. William Carter and
Mr. H. A. Olivier's large canvas, Supreme
War Council (Royal Academy, 1920), and
a bright little landscape, The Beach, by
Mary E. Stephenson. Glasgow was in-
terestingly represented by a thoughtfully
designed portrait by Miss Norah Neilson
Gray; two equally accomplished portraits,
Madame Shanks and Madame Primrose, by
Mr. W. Somerville Shanks ; a busy street
scene, Demolition, by Mr. Thomas Hunt,
and The White Ship, river Clyde, by Mr.
James Kay. E. A. Taylor.

Postscript.—Since the foregoing article
was written the awards of medals, etc.,
have been made, and among the recipients
are many of the artists mentioned therein.
Gold medals have been awarded to Miss
Browning, Mr. Talmage, Mr. Munnings,
and MM. Christophe, Dupas and Dabat
in respect of the works referred to; silver
medals to Mr. Shanks (Mme. Shanks), M.

Raymond Wintz (Port de Cancale), M.
Rene Bristol (Fleurs de France), M. Renaud
(Bretonne), M. de Villiers (Adoration), M.
Bouviolle (Jour de Marche), and Mile, de
Burdy (Parfums Mystiques); a bronze medal
to M. Roger Pi card for his Plaster Frag-
ment; and Honorable Mentions to^Miss
Hawksley, Mile. Lagneau, M. Adam Styka
and M. Orlandini.


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