Studio: international art — 84.1922

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will let his canvas be so judged { To judge
a whole from cartoons or from bits of it
is like trying to judge a play by some
rehearsal of separate scenes. But I have
seen enough of Miss Geddes's work to
put her very high among her fellow crafts-
men : the ingenuity with which she has
filled lozenge-shaped panels at the top
of the Ottawa windows with patterns of
fighting angels and of musical angels is
wonderful to me ; but not so dramatically
significant for a war memorial as the panel
at its base with procession of women
mourners past men too old to go to war.
Yet either of these is slight compared with
the tragic figure of the Virgin, wholly
unconventional, yet wholly congruous with
the tradition of this art, which is the
most distinctive creation in the Crucifixion
at St. Luke's. If she continues to do work
as good, the " Tower of Glass " in Upper
Pembroke Street may outstrip the highest
hopes of its friends, a a 0 a


{From our own Correspondents)

LONDON—The death of Sir Thomas
Brock, R.A., the distinguished sculp-
tor, who died in a London nursing
home on August 22nd, after undergoing
an operation, is a severe loss to art,
and especially to a branch of art in
which real eminence is attained by
few. His best-known work is the memorial
to Queen Victoria opposite Buckingham
Palace, an illustrated account of which
was given in The Studio for June 1911,
about the time it was unveiled by his
present Majesty. If this monument—
which, by the way, the sculptor did not
live to see entirely completed, as two large
bronze groups still remain to be added—
does not arouse quite so much enthusiasm
as it did at first, it is generally accepted
as a great advance on the Albert Memorial,
and a comparison of the two tends to
show that in matters of art, contrary to
the popular saying, one head is better
than two. Half-a-dozen sculptors had a
hand in the Kensington Memorial, and
with one of them, J. H. Foley, R.A.,
Brock, who had begun as a modeller at the
Worcester China Works, served as assist-
ant for several years, among the tasks
completed by him after Foley's death
being the huge statue of the Prince Consort
which overwhelms all the other effigies
grouped round the base of this memorial.
At the unveiling of the Victoria Memorial
Brock received the Knighthood of the
Bath. During the course of his always
busy career, he executed a large number
of statues and busts besides ideal figures
and groups, and among other works of a
commemorative character the tomb of
Lord Leighton in St. Paul's Cathedral will
always ensure for him a leading place in
the ranks of British sculptors. a 0
Not less distinguished in his own special
sphere was Mr. Thomas James Cobden-
Sanderson, the founder of the Doves
Bindery and Doves Printing Press, who
died on September 7, in his 82nd year at
his home on the river front at Hammer-
smith, whence have issued those triumphs
in the art of book production which are
among the most cherished possessions of
connoisseurs and collectors. His superb

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