Studio: international art — 84.1922

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same way, by the same artists. No
matter to what school they belong their
work shows little variation. a a
The Print Makers Society of California
has found it very difficult to get in touch
with the artists of some of the European
countries, and it is hoped that the workers
in these three mediums may see these lines
and become interested enough to send
their names to the Secretary, Mr. Howell
C. Brown, 120 N. El Molino Avenue,
Pasadena, California, U.S.A., from whom
they will receive a circular of invitation
for next year. The Society wants to
make this display one in which may be
seen work from all over the world, and
will welcome the co-operation of artists
from all nations, promising them that their
prints will be judged solely from the
standpoint of their artistic merit, without
reference to the school they represent or
the country from which they come.


Vermeer of Delft. By E. V. Lucas.
With an Introduction by Sir Charles J.
Holmes. (London: Methuen & Co.)
10s. 6d. net.—This essay of 48 pages is
an expansion of an article written by Mr.
Lucas eleven years ago, " On the Track of
Vermeer," and its publication has been
prompted by the enthusiasm aroused by
the exhibition in Paris a year ago of three
of the great Delft painter's masterpieces.
He does not write as an " expert," but he
has the faculty, rare among " high brow "
critics, of communicating to his readers the
fascination excited in himself by a great
work of art. How expressive is that phrase
of his, "white magic," when speaking of
the enchanting Pearl Necklace — "the
ecstasy of perfection in paint " ! This
work, with the Head of a Young Girl and
the View of Delft, both belonging to the


(Print Makers Exhibition, Los
Angeles, — O'Melveney Prize)

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