Studio: international art — 84.1922

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MR. JONES'S pen drawings are well
known and have given pleasure to
innumerable lovers of old architecture,
who have discerned in them something of
deeper significance than a merely literal
record. That an artist who has for so
many years developed the use of pure line
should have been attracted to the medium
of the bitten line on copper for the ex-
pression of his ideas and feelings is only
natural, but it was not until a few months
before the war that he made his first ex-
periments, which were chiefly concerned
with mastering the technical difficulties
of the process and brought no results in
the shape of plates which he considered

worth preserving. Further progress was
interrupted by the war and a long period
of service on the Western Front—Mr.
Jones was in the very thick of it during the
critical days of March, 1918—and it was
not until the early part of 1921 that he
was able to resume the practice of etching
in the intervals allowed by his regular work
as a draughtsman. Up to the present time
he has produced rather more than twenty
plates. These comprise a " Welsh Set,"
a series in " The Shakespeare Country,"
several country scenes such as The Village
Church, here reproduced, and some views
of changing London—among them a plate
of that fine church of Wren's, St. Magnus
the Martyr, which ere long will not be
visible from the point of view selected by
the artist, as a tall building now being
loading ...