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STUDIO-TALK. obtained from the office of the British

(From oar own Correspondents.) fch°ol, i Lowther Gardens, London,

S. W. 7. 0 0 0 0 0

LONDON.—In sending us the printed Mr. Sydney Lee was recently elected an
conditions for the Rome Scholarships, Associate of the Royal Academy as a
1923, the Honorary General Secretary of painter, and not as an engraver, as inadver-
the British School at Rome desires it to be tently stated in our May issue. 0 0
made known that provision has been made The drawing by Mr. George Marston
for the payment of a grant towards ex- reproduced on this page is one of a series of
penses of candidates attending the final en twenty-two exhibited in May at the Gros-
loge competition in London. The scholar- venor Galleries and representing the only
ships for engraving (comprising all forms tangible results of his work as artist to Sir
of hand engraving, both intaglio and Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Antarctic Ex-
relievo), decorative painting, sculpture, and pedition of 1914-16. The crushing of the
architecture, are each of the value of £250, " Endurance " in the Weddell Sea, in Octo-
and ordinarily tenable for three years. In ber, 1915, proved a disaster to Mr. Marston
each of the first three faculties there is an in more ways than one, for he lost the whole
open examination preceding the final com- of his work except eight of the twenty-two
petition, which is restricted to not more drawings exhibited (including the one re-
than four candidates ; while in architecture produced). Rarely if ever has an artist
only approved candidates may compete in worked under such arduous conditions as
the preliminary. Intending competitors for those which he experienced during the long
any of these scholarships must be British dreary months he and his party spent
subjects under 30. Full particulars can be before relief came to them in August, 1916.


(Grosvenor Galleries)

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