Studio: international art — 84.1922

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THE few silhouettes of which repro-
ductions are here given are the work
of a young Italian artist, a scion of one of
the oldest noble families of Florence, and
form part of a large number executed by
him, among which are examples of a very
elaborate kind, involving in their pro-
duction extraordinarydelicacyof manipula-
tion. Sgr. Mochi's principal occupation
hitherto has been and still is that of a
sculptor, but from his early years, when
the plastic impulse began to assert itself,

long before as a lad in his teens he entered
on his studies at the Accademia di Belli
Arti at Florence, the making of silhouettes
has been a favourite diversion, and latterly
it has developed with him into a very
personal means of expression, presenting
little if any affinity with the traditional
silhouette of a century ago. The subjects
on which he has exercised his skill in this
medium are of considerable variety. They
comprise simple portraits like those we
see in this group of great masters of music
(Sgr. Mochi is himself an ardent student
of music, and as a tenor has appeared with
success on both the concert and theoperatic
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