Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 4.1992(1993)

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by Karo! MygHwiec
A Polish-Egyptian archaeological mission continued rescue
excavations at Tell Atrib (Benha, Lower Egypt) from April 12
until June 20, 1992.'
Excavations were pursued in the northwestern part of the
area adjoining the hill of Kom Sidi Yussuf on the south.This
season five new squares (XX, YY, ZZ, AAA, and DDD), 10 x
10 m each, were explored. The trenches were located to the west,
north and south of the Ptolemaic habitation quarter which extends
west to the bath complex dating from the reign of Ptolemy VI and
the second half of the 2°^ century B. C. The northwestern part of
the excavated area includes trial pit I, explored in 1985, in which
some remains of a monumental building had come to lights

' Works were sponsored jointly by the Polish Centre of Archaeology in
Cairo and the EAO. The mission included: Prof. Karol Mygliwiec (director),
Dr. Barbara Ruszczyc, Dr, Aleksandra Krzyzanowska, Ms. Anna Pohidnikie-
wicz and Mr. Piotr Mieliwodzki - archaeologists, Dr. Wojciech Kolataj -
architect, Mr. Waldemar Jerke - photographer, and representatives of the
Egyptian Antiquities Organization: Mr. Muhammad Abdel Haq, Mrs. Ola
Farid Aba El-Dahab. Mrs. Nagah Abdallah Muhammad, Mr. Yahya Hassanein
Farag, and Mr. Hassan Abdallah Ali Nada.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to the President of the
Egyptian Antiquities Organization, Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Bakr, and to the
Director of the Zagazig Section of the EAO, Mr. Muhammad Abdel Haq, for
their efficient help in organizing and fulfilling our works during this campaign.
^ K. Mygliwiec, T. Herbich, Polish archaeological activities at Tell Atrib
in 1985, 7h<? /irc/moo/ogy of - ProMor/M aaJ PriorMay,
Amsterdam 1988, pp. 177-80, Fig. 2, PI. lb.

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