Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 4.1992(1993)

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by Jadwiga Lipinska
This season's work lasted from October 15, 1991 to
March 19, 1992 and was confined entirely to studies and docu-
mentation of the Tuthmoside materials, both in the store and m
The following subjects were in progress:
Fragmentary preserved wall-reliefs. The work on
joining together and recording the assembled scenes was con-
tinued. The first drawings of the walls of the Sacred Bark Shrine
were checked against the original fragmentary reliefs and a new,
corrected and much augmented version was drawn for three of the
Shrine walls and a part of the fourth one. The remaining part
(southern half of the western wall), which has been causing some
problems as far as the arrangement of scenes is concerned, will
be studied further. The total length of the graphically recon-
structed decoration of this Shrine constituted about 24 m and is
4.5 m high in sections. Also the southern wall of room H has
been redrawn with many additions. This wall measures 9.35 m,
and the height of the decorated part was c. 4.5 m too. All the
drawings were then reduced to the scale 1:4.

' The mission, led by Prof. Jadwiga Lipinska, consisted of Dr. Rafal
Czemer (architect), Ms. Joanna Aksamit, Ms. Kamila Baturo, Ms. Janina
Wiercinska, Mrs. Monika Dolinska, Mr. Dariusz Niedzidika (all
egyptologists) and Mr. Zbigniew Nowak (student). Mr. El-Nubi Taya Ahmed
was attached to the mission by the EAO and greatly facilitated our work.
Expressions of gratitude are also due to Dr. Muhammad Saghir and Dr.
Muhammad Naser for their unfailing helpfulness and kindness.


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