Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 4.1992(1993)

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Early Ptolemaic strata have been explored in room 165
where remains of pottery kilns and the lower part of a huge jar
standing beside the kilns were unearthed. However, no traces of
the alleged workshop connected with the previously discovered
stone fragments have been found. The mid-Ptolemaic stratum in
this room contained remains of a later pottery kiln in the vicinity
of which a black-fired circular flask with a rosette pattern
stamped on both sides was found. Its surface bears several
irregular impressions resulting from contact with other objects
during the process of firing. The flask enriches our knowledge of
the local workshops' ceramic production.
The exploration of the mid-Ptolemaic strata in room 163
brought to light further fragments of red-brick constructions
constituting the bath complex's extension to the east. Work will
be continued in the next season.

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