Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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JACINTH 7 3s a precious (lone, fo called from the re-
HYACIN "H, S fembl a'nce it bears in colour to the purple
flower called a hyacinth.
There are four forts of Jacinths: viz. Thofe intermixed with
a vermilion colour ; thofe of aTafFron colour ; thofe of an am-
ber colour ; and, tartly, thofe of a white, intermixed with a
pale red.

Jacinth*, again, arediflinguifhed intooriental and occidental ;
the oriei «1 jacinths come from Calicut and Cambaya^ and arc
equal ir u. rdnefs to the oriental amethyft. j the occidental are
found m Bohemia and Portugal, which are a degree fofter.

The Jacinth graves or .cuts fine, and would be more ufed for
feals, &c. but that the graving oftentimes cofh more than the

T-He ancients ufed it 'for amulets and talifmans; and wore it
abo . iei'r neck, or fet it in rings, &c. and fuppofed it to have
the virtue of preferving them from the plague, &c.

To ■•-take a fair Jacinth. It is fcarce poffible to make
Jacintft without lead, in its compofition ; wherefore you muft
put in an ounce of powder of cryftal, two ounces and an half of
minium, with twenty-four grains of verdigreafe, two drachms of
fublimate, and five or fix leaves of filver; the whole reduced to
fine powder in a brafs mortar, and fearced through a fine fieve ;
mix them well together, and put them in a crucible, covered
witi: another, and well luted ; then bake and purify it in a glafs-1-
houfe furnace for twelve hours. Then take it off the fire, and
pound it again in a brafs mortar to a fine powder, fifting it through
a fine fieve ; then put it in a new crucible, which cover and luta
well, and fet it a^ain in the Grlafs-houfe furnace for twenty-four

* O O J

hours, and twelve more in the annealing furnace : The crucible
being cold, take out the matter, which will be of a fine Jacinth-
colour, which cut and polifh.

An oriental Jacinth colour. This colour will be of a very
fine reddifn-yelIow> fuch as h the true oriental Jacinth.

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