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Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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W A L 371

and folitudes; it is fometimes joined with the fir ft of the three
marks that follow the next, i. e. H. S. P. made in one.

VULCAN, is reprefented, in painting, &c. ftanding by a
fmith's forge, and hammering on an anvil on mount iEtna,
making thunderbolts for Jupiter, and arrows for the god of love.

The opinions which the ancients had of Vulcan, were va-
rious ; and accordingly he is varioufly reprefented, fometimes in
one manner, and fometimes in another.

Some reprefent him lame of one leg, and in a fcarlet robe,
of a very black and fwarthy complexion, as it were all fmoaky;
of a general ill-fhaped proportion in all his lineaments; and, be-
caufe he is the hufband of Venus, {he is fometimes painted with

Antony VUORMACE, a painter of Cologne, lived
jTA in the year 1529 ; he engraved the twelve apoftles in
a ftanding pofture, and ufed this mark.


TO make feeding WAFERS. Take very fine flour, mix
it with glair of eggs, ifing-glafs, and a little yeaft; min-
gle the materials, beat them well together, fpread the batter,
being made thin with gum water, on even tin plates, and dry
them in a ftove, then cut them out for ufe.

You may make them of what colours you pleafe, by tinging
the parte with brafil or vermilion for red ; indigo or verditer, &c.
for blue; fafrron, turmeric, or gamboge, &c. for yellow.

To put WALKS with rows of trees in perfpeHhe. If only a
Tingle row of trees on each fide be required, there is no need for
making a plan of fquares or chequers.

But, where a number of Walks are to be fhewn, we think it
advifable to form a plan in occult lines with trees, and, from the
diagonals of the little fquares formed thereby, to erecl: perpendi-
culars, as is fhewn in A. B. plate XXIII. fig. 1.

If you defire to have the trees further or lefs apart, increafe
or diminifh their diffances of the fquares on the bafe line ; when,
you have given the item of the firft tree its proper height, as A
C, draw a line from G to the point of fight D, which ray C D
is to bound the ffems of all the other trees.

The firft tree A C mews that you may give them what turn
or form you pleafe between the two right lines ; and that they
are not to be drawn with the ftraightnefs of a ruler.

The fecond figure is performed as that above; all the diffe-
rence is, that the fquares of the upper are direct: or in front; and
thofe of the under viewed angle-wife: Whence the meafures en

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