Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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To tinge them yeiiow, you may ufe a pennyworth of faffron,
snd an ounce of turmeric alfo in powder.


Y> is the mark of Ravignano, and underneath R. V. I. i. e.
jf\.» Raphael Urbino in.

RAGE, in drawing, &c. may be reprefented with the fame
motions as defpair, but yet more violent; for the face will be
almoft quite black, covered with a cold fweat, the hair franding
up an end ; the eyes wandering, and in a contrary motion; the
■eye-balls fometimes rolling towards the nofe, and fometimes
backwards towards the ears; all the parts of the face will be ex-
tremely marked and fwelled. See plate XXI.
JF Mark Antonio RAIMUNDI, of Bologna,

JVl OT Vca"ec^ °f France Raphael Urbin, engraver, his
\/ marks; which pieces he marked with the let-
ters R. S. M. F. intimating by the two fir ft letters Raphael
Sancio, by the two laft Marco Francia fecit.

He likewife ufed other marks, i. e. B. S. fignifying Bono-
nienfis fculptor.

In his plates copied from Buonaroti, he put ML AG. FLO.
i. e. Michael Ana;elus Florentinus: and afterwards for his own
mark he ufed that of Mantegna, which may alfo fignify Marcus
Antonius fecit.

In the life of Chrift engraven by him, and copied frem the
plates of Albert Durer of Venice, he marked the leaves with
Albert Durer's mark.

The RANUNCULUS. Of this flower there are many forts,
fche fineft of which are reddifh and orange-coloured : For the firft
of thefe ufe vermilion, with a very fmall quantity of gamboge;
add carmine to fhade with, and finifh with this laft colour, and
a little gall-.ftone.

For others ufe Indian lake inftead of carmine, but efpecially
at the heart.

The orange colour may be imitated with gamboge, finifhed
with gall-ftone, vermilion, and a little carmine, leaving fome
yellow ftripes or fpots.

The green of the ftalks may be done with verditer and maf-
ticote ; to which muft be added iris green for {hading : The
leaves muft be of a deeper green.

RAPTURE. If admiration is caufed by an object above the
comprehenfion of the foul, as the power or greatnefs of the foul,
then the motions of Rapture will be different from that of vene-

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