Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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42 L A C

Kermes finely powdered and fearced ; let it dlgefl well, taking
the matrafs from time to time, and the fpirit will extract all the
tincture of the Kermes, and be very finely coloured ; then let
all fettle for four days, and afterwards pour it gently into a gla-
zed earthen veflH.

DilTolve four ounces of roch alum in running water, and pour
this into the tincture of Kermes, to caufe a reparation ; hltre it
through a linen cloth, and the fpirit wid fall through white, leav-
ing; the tincture behind. If it be anv thing coloured, flrain it a-
gain and again, till it is clear; take up the lake or colour with
a wooden fpoon, and make it into troches. See LAKE.
"V/V^ Luke KILIAN put this mark on a nativity copied from

To dye fill: a KING's colour. Put a fufficient quantity
of water into a clean kettle or copper, and to every pound of filk
take twelve ounces of madder, and the fame quantity of galls j
boil the filk with them for an hour, then take them out, let them
be a little browned, and then dried.

Anne KILLIGREW, was a young gentlewoman, daughter
of Dr. Killigrew, mailer of the Savoy, one of the prebendaries
of Wei [mini ter. She painted feveral hiftories, alio portraits, for
her diverlion, exceedingly well, as likewife fomc pieces of itill
life. Mr. Becket did her picture in metzo-tinto after her own
painting. She was alfo a poetefs, and wrote a book of poems
which were printed: She lived unmarried, and died young,
about the year 1688.

"John-Zachary KNELLER, was born at Lubec, and brother
to Sir Godfrey Kneller. He travelled to Italy, and when he came
to England painted feveral portraits in fmall, very neat; he did
alfo feveral pieces in {till life. At laft he took to water colours,
and copied divers of his brother's portraits in miniature with good
fuccefs. lie died in Covent-Garden about 1704, and lies bu-
ried in that church.

Sir Godfrey KNELLER, born in the year 1646, lived at Lon-
don, excelled in portraits3 died in the year 1723, aged 77 years.


LACCA, or gum Lac, a vegetable product, nfually difthv
guiihed by the name of algum ; but that is as improper as
the elemi, it being, like that, inflammable, and not foluble in
water. We diftinguifh three kinds of Lacca in the fbops, which
are all the produce of the fame tree, and only differ, in form ; they
are, fir ft, the flick Lac; fecondly, the feed Lac ; and, thirdly, the
ihell Lack ; The fiick is a hard, refinous, and friable matier, of

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