Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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weak gum arabic water make it into a parte, which form into
long fquare cakes.

To make red writing Ink. Take rafpings of brafil one ounce,
white lead and alum of each two drachms; grind and mingle
them, tnfufe them in urine one pound, with two fcruples of gum
arahic, or a drachm at moft.

Anocher red Ink. Take wine vinegar a pint, rafpings of bra-
fli one ounce, alum half an ounce ; infufe all for ten days; then
boil it gently, and add to it five drachms of gum arabic; diffolve
the gum, {train and keep it for ufe.

Note, that two drachms of gum in fome cafes may be enough.

To make red writing Ink with verrallion, Grind vermilion
well upon a porphyry {tone with common water ; dry it and put
it into a glafs veflel, to which put urine ; fhake it, let it fettle,
then pour off the urine, and put on more urine ; repeat this
changing the urine eight or ten times; fo will the vermilion be
well cleanfed ; to which put glair of eggs to fwim on it above a
ringer's breadth; {fir them together, and when well fettled ab-
ftra£t the glair; then put on more glair of eggs, repeating the
fame operation eight or ten times alfo, to take away the fcentof
the urine; laftly, mix it with frefh glair, and keep it in a glafs
velTel clofe flopped for ufe; and when you ufe it mix it with
water or vinegar.

To make red printing Ink. Grind vermilion very well with
liquid varnifh or linfeed oil.

To make <sz blue Ink. Grind indigo with honey mixed with
glair of eggs, or glue water made of ifing-glafs, diflolved in water
and {trained.

To makegrsen Ink to write with. Boil verdigreafe with argol
in fair water, and then diffolve in it a little gum arabic.

A green printing Ink. Grind Spanifn green with liquid var-
nifh, or linfeed oil; and after the fame mariner you may make
a printer's blue, by grinding azure with linfeed oil.

To take Ink out of printed books or pltlures. Wet it with the
luice of lemon, and the Ink will difappear. Spirit of vitriol will
clothe fame.

INSPIRATION, is reprefented, in painting, &c. by a glitter-
ing ray in a ftar-light night, darting at the breaft of a young man
in yellow ; his hair knotted, mixed with ferpents; looking up
to heaven, holding in one hand a naked fword, the point to the
ground, and a fun-flower in the other. The ftarry fky fignifies
the grace of God infpiring the mind ; the hair, &c. that a iinner
can have only brutifh and horrid thoughts ; looking upwards,
that without grace and infpiration the mind cannot be elevated
above earthly things. The heliotrope denotes that, as it always

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