Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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322 TIM

towards heavefi, with the old face towards the earth ; fits upon
a globe full of ftars, her right hand on her breaft, her left to-
wards the earth, holding up her train, a wheel by it.— The
wheel denotes divinity not touching the earth, but by its
circumference ; fo fhould a divine keep himlelf unfpotted from
the world ; fitting upon a globe fhews, that divinity repofes in
no inferior thing ; her hands, gravity ; the fkirt of her garment
fhews, that fome part of divinity extends to low things, though

THEORY, is reprefented', in painting, &c. by a young wo-
man looking upwards, her hands clafped together, a pair ofcom-
paffes on her head, nobly clad in purple, feeming to defcend the
flairs.—The colour of her garment fhews, that the fky termi-
nates our fight; her face, that the intellect is taken up in ce-
Jeftial things j the flairs, that things intelligible have order, pro-
ceeding by degrees from things near to things afar off; the
Gompaffes are the moft proper inftrument for meafuring, which
perpetuate the name of an author.

THETIS, a fea goddefs, is reprefented, in painting, &c. as
a lady of a brown complexion, her hair difhevelled, adorned
with a coronet of periwinkle and efcallop fhells, clad in a mantle
of a fea-green colour, adorned with bracelets of amber about her
neck and arms, and holding in her hand a branch of coral.

Pelkgrim TIFALDI, called otherwife Pellegrino da Balognay
born in the rear 1522, fcholar of Dan. da Volterra, lived at
Bologna, Rome, and Milan; excelled in hiftory and architec-
ture ; died in the year 1592, aged feventy years.

Henry TILSON, was an Englifh face-painter of good note,
born in London ; after he had been inftrudted for fome time by
Sir Peter Lelv, in the nature of face-painting, he travelled into
Italy, where he ffaid fix or feven years; and, during that time,
he copied, with wonderful care and exaclnefs, a great number
of pictures of the bed mailers ; by which means, at his return
to England, he became not a little famous in the portrait way.

He had ahb a particular genius tor crayons, in which he per-
formed admirably well, after the pictures of Corregio, Titian,
and the Caracci, while he was at Rome. He died at thirty-fix
years of age, and lies buried in St Clement's.

TIMBER ■zi'ork.—The manner of colouring all manner of
Timber work, as wainfcot, doors, windows, pofts, rails, pales,
gates, border-boards for gardens^ &c. which require either
beauty or prefervation from the violence of rain, or injury of
weather, is as follows :

Suppofe there be a fet of palifadoes, or a pair of gates, or fome
pofts and rails tn be painted in a (lone colour.

Firft, look over the woik, and take notice whether the joints

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