Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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WAT 375

directed. Pafre maps or pictures upon cloth thus; wet the
fheet of cloth in the frze, wring it out and ftrain it upon a frame,
or nail it to a wall, and fo pafte the maps or pictures upon it.

7. If you intend to varnifh your pictures, Sec. having thus
fixed it in a proper frame, varnifh it with a proper varnifh. See

As for tempering the colours, do as fellows: 1. As for fucri co-
lours as are ground in fair water, put a little of them into a horfc
mufcle-fhell, with fome gum water, and bruife it with your fin-
ger againff. the fhell, to foften and temper it, till you find no
knobs undifiblved, and then ftroke down the colour to the bot-
tom of the fhell from the fides, with a fmall brufh, and then it
will be fit for ufe; and, if it be too thick, you may add more gum
water to it.

2. As for thofe colours that are warned, they are to be tem-
pered after the fame manner as the former.

3. Such as are fteeped, the liquor only of them is to be ufed,
without any other preparation.

How to lay on the colours. Provide yourfelf with pencils of fe-
veral fizes, have by you a cup or gallipot of fair water to wafh
your pencils, and a clean cloth to wipe them, if you take them
out of one colour to put into another.

In chufing pencils, take fuch as are fulleft next the quill, lef-
fening gradually to a fharp point, which you fhould try by wet-
ting them in your mouth, and drawing them once or twice
through your lips. If you perceive in your pencils any ftrag-
gling loofe hairs, finge them off with a candle.

If you would lay any colour about the edges of your map, Sec,
or plan of a furveyingof any field, or piece of ground, with yel-
low :

Take a little yellow in your pencil, and draw the colour along
of an equal breadth, on the infide of the black lead line.

WATCHFULNESS, is reprefented, in painting, in a yellow
robe, a fable mantle fringed with filver, and feeded with waking
eyes ; and a chaplet of turnfole; holding in her right hand 2
lamp, and in her left a bell.

To limn WATERS. Do Water at a diftance with white
and indigo, fhaded with indigo mixed with bice, and heighten-
ed with white ; if near the horizon, much like the fky.

Waters that are near are to be laid with ftronger indigo, heigh-
tened and fhadowed with the fame, mixed with bice, and laftly
heightened with pure white.

Waters nearer with ftronger indigo, fhaded and heightened
as before.

Waters and fields overflown, with pink and the like, always
imitating nature.

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