Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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Y E L 395

Englifh pink, which is ftill made of French berries, and in a,
body likewife.

Alfo a good Yellow colour, for illuminating of prints, may be
extracted from the French roots of ginger, and it makes a fine
green with tranfparent verdigreafe.

N. B. The Englifh and Dutch Yellow pinks are made with
French berries ground to a fine powder, and boiled.

Yellow filk dyes, and firjl blojfom Yellow. Dye it after
the fame manner as gold colour, then heighten it with orange
dying fuds, after which rinfe and dry it.

To dye filk Yellow. Procure a clean kettle, put in a fufficient
quantity of water, and for every pound of filk put in two pounds
of Yellow wood, and fix ounces of galls ; let the Yellow wood boil
an hour before you put in the galls, and afterwards boil them to-
gether for half an hour, and then put in the filk, having firfl a-
lumed and rinfed it, ftirring the dye ; then wring it out of the
kettle with a little pot-afhes; and, after it has been wrung- out,
put it into the dye again, and leave it there to foak for a whole
night, and in the morning rinfe, beat, and dry it.

To dye fluffs a brimjione Yellow. Boil the fluff in tkree
pounds of alum, one pound of tartar, and three ounces of fait for
an hour; throw away the water, then make a liquor of Yellow
brown, laying it in the fame order as ftraw in brewhoufes; then
add ley afhes, and draw the fluff through the dye three or four
times very quick ; to do which dexteroufly, it will require the
affiftance of three or four men.

Another. Let the fluffs be alumed as ufual for half an hour,
and then for every pound of ware take half a pound of Yellow
dye weed, and a handful of wood-afhes ; boil them a quarter of
an hour, then threw the rinfed ware into the liquor, work it a-
bout, till you perceive it to be well dyed; then cool it and riin'c it

Of dying Yellows and orange tawney. i. To dye a Yel-
low colour. Take water a fufficient quantity, alum one pound,
enter your yarn cloth, &c, boil two hours, and take it out, and
wafh it clean. Take frefh fair water a fufficient quantity, fuf-
tic two pounds, let it boil, and enter your cloth ; boil an hour,
and take it out; this will dye twenty pounds weight.

2. To dye an orange tawney. Let your wool, yarn, flannel,
fluff, or cloth, &c. be firft dyed into a red colour ; and then, be-
ing red, let it be dyed into a Yellow colour.

3. Another way to dye an orange tawney. Take flale wheat
bran liquor a fufficient quantity, alum three pounds ; enter twen-
ty yards of broad cloth, handle and boil three hours ; take it out,
ccol and wafh it well. Take fair water, and good lince, or bed-

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